MAFS' Jack reveals filming secrets from the show

Married At First Sight season nine star Jack Millar sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the 2023 season.

Video transcript

JACK MILLAR: From my experience, we were never made to say or do anything. We were made to repeat ourselves after we'd done it once, because sometimes, there was only one camera there. So they had to just film me saying the same thing. And that's fair enough. That's just like they literally only have one camera and one producer there, so they just need to flip it the other way.

They would always let a conversation play out, and then they would come back and say, all right, so this was incredible. My producer at the time could word for word verbatim write out a whole conversation as we were saying it. She was so fast. She texts like that. It was really weird.

Anyway, but-- so they would pull out the key moments and say, look, we just need you to say a couple of things, which you already said, again, just so we can actually get you front on. So in terms of when they release to the media or they're trying to make us do this and say this and it's not actually the way we feel, I call [BLEEP] on that a bit.