MAFS fans spot bizarre detail in 2024 cast announcement: 'Upload error'

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s why one cast photo looks very different to the rest.

After weeks of speculation, Channel Nine finally announced this year’s Married At First Sight participants on Monday and shared their official cast photographs on social media.

Fans were thrilled to see the new cast dressed in their wedding attire, however, they couldn’t help but notice a rather bizarre detail in one of the photos.

MAFS' Richard, Tori and Tim.
Channel Nine has released the official cast photographs for this year’s MAFS brides and grooms. Photo: Channel Nine

While most promotional shots are high-quality, well lit and shot in a photography studio, 39-year-old groom Simon Flocco’s image appears to have been taken on an iPhone and then cut out in Photoshop.

Social media users quickly took to the comments to poke fun at the photo, giving Simon the nickname “Mr Photoshop” and predicting that his promotional shot was “a bit of an afterthought from Channel Nine”.


“What's with this chop chop Photoshop job?” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “What in the Photoshop is this?”.

“Is this an upload error or did they really just not bother to Photoshop?” someone else remarked.

“Last minute Photoshop addition to the show,” a different user replied.

MAFS' Simon Flocco.
Fans questioned why Simon Flocco’s cast photo looks so different to his co-stars. Photo: Channel Nine

What happened to Simon's photo?

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the reason why Simon’s photo looks so different to his fellow cast members is because he quit the show before the brides and grooms were required to take part in the promotional photoshoot.

“The picture of Simon is one he submitted to producers himself during pre-production to show them his suit,” the source explains.

“Shortly after filming his backstory and the grooms' bucks party, he changed his mind about doing the show and quit.”

Yahoo Lifestyle understands that producers debated whether to edit Simon out of the show completely or include his last-minute decision to quit to bring drama to the start of the season.

In the end, they decided to feature Simon as it was a “real moment” and shows “not everyone can handle the pressure of the experiment”.

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