MAFS: Will Claire and Jesse make it work? | Roundtable

The Yahoo team gathered around the table to chat about Married At First Sight season 10. Today, we're discussing Jesse and Claire's rollercoaster of a relationship!

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LACHLAN GUERTIN: So guys, I want to talk about Claire and Jessie. They have had one of the wildest relationships on this year's season. They started out good at their wedding. The honeymoon was rough. And then there was the cheating scandal, of course. So that unfolded over a couple of weeks. Now, Claire has put in the effort with Jesse and they have seemingly repaired their relationship.

They are one of the strongest couples at this stage in the experiment. Do we think they will last or will their past history, kind of, come out and ruin what they've got now?

MARNI DIXIT: I think they could last as friends.

CAITIE BROWNE: That's what I was going to say--


CAITIE BROWNE: I think that they would be great friends. Like, I think they get along so well and that's, like, so obvious. But I do wonder if, like-- are you ever going to get that same trust level? I'm not sure.

MARNI DIXIT: And I just don't see that chemistry that like- I don't see them in that romantic way together. I wish they were. I think that they're great. Obviously, cheating aside and shushing aside

ALEXA TUBERTINI: Ah, the shushing. I forgot about that.

MARNI DIXIT: They're-- they are fun to watch. But I just don't know if I see them being together for, like, forever.

ALEXA TUBERTINI: I think-- I don't see them staying together forever but I almost think that-- I've been on a roller coaster journey-- but I always think that because they've had so much trouble and they've had to, like, actually go through things, build up trust--

MARNI DIXIT: Put in the work.

ALEXA TUBERTINI: --become mates. Like, put in the work, go through all this random. Stuff that maybe it could develop into a relationship I know there was a cheating scandal but when you look at it, like--

MARNI DIXIT: Let's forget about that. That's so, like, two weeks ago.

ALEXA TUBERTINI: No, I know. But even that, like, they'd only just all met and, like, they really know each other and, like, yes, it broke the trust. But I feel like if they can work through it-- it's not like they're in a relationship for like years and years and years and that happened. It was, like, only two weeks. I'm not excusing it.

CAITIE BROWNE: No, I get it.


CAITIE BROWNE: I get it. And again, not excusing anything that happened with the cheating scandal but where they were in their relationship at the time that it happened was, like, not a healthy position. And I think they're at the healthiest they could have ever been. And I don't think they would have necessarily gotten to this position, potentially, if it didn't happen.

MARNI DIXIT: And they--

CAITIE BROWNE: Not that I think it should have happened.


ALEXA TUBERTINI: I agree-- would agree with that. They needed to, kind of, work through their own [MUTED] and get to the other side and really, like, get to know each other on a deeper level. And it sucks they had to go through that.

CAITIE BROWNE: But it actually made them realize how much they cared about each other because remember it it was the week before when they were on the commitment ceremony couch that Jesse was like, I have feelings for her, I'm starting to develop those, sort of, feelings. And that was when Claire was like, oh, no. I really need to, like, get this out then because I don't want to hurt him anymore.

Whereas before-- maybe, like, the week before when they weren't having the best time-- it might have been a different outcome if she told him the truth then.

MARNI DIXIT: And, like, love Tahnee and Ollie but because of everything that these two have been through, we, kind of, have seen more of their relationship and they do come across as one of the stronger couples on the show. Even though Tahnee and Ollie probably are but we just haven't really seen much about them--

ALEXA TUBERTINI: But they're so fluffy. Like, they just always, like, love you, love you too. Like, everything's so good and it, kind of, gives me, like, I don't know--

MARNI DIXIT: Do you think it's fake? Fake news.

ALEXA TUBERTINI: I don't think it's fake necessarily but I feel like when you're in a relationship for a long time-- OK. It's been, like, what? Like, a month in MAFS time? But you do fight, you do bicker, you do go through stuff. So I feel like it's not always like, oh, this is the best. Like, we just have the best time. We have our fish, so--

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- So I feel like it feels more real to me, more genuine, to go through things.

- With Claire and Jesse as well, I think it's important to remember that he said, no, after the cheating scandal. He wanted to leave the experiment, and she said, stay. And so the question was is she staying because she does have a romantic connection with him or does she just kind of want to right her wrongs? Like do we think it's OK to stay in the experiment to kind of fix things and end on friends or do you think she's genuine?

- I think it was kind of hard like when she said, yes. And he, obviously, was fully devastated and wanted to leave. However, then him saying, later on-- the next week, they both said stay.

- Yes.

- So it was, obviously, worth it, and it was going somewhere. But I do think, at, the time I felt a bit uncomfortable for Jesse, especially, because just a few weeks before we had two couples that said, stay and leave and were both allowed to leave, which goes against the rule. So I wondered why they didn't do that for Jesse.

- Well, then because they were like, oh, give it a week. It does-- can work out, which, obviously, it did. And maybe they saw that potential. I did find that a bit strange, that when it was like happening before me, I was like why? You could say he was like so exhausted from this situation.

- But do you think the producers were just kind of like-- for the other couples, they were like, there is no way, that we have, like, under our duty of care, that we can allow this to keep going.

- Yeah.

- And with Jesse, and Claire, they were kind of like, nah, let's just see.

- Well, I think because before the cheating scandal came out, they were at such a good place. So I guess the experts and the producers would have been like they could be in a good spot. I think they can get back to it.

- Maybe because of that dinner party conversation that they had, and how they left together, and then, I think, maybe Claire took that as like, oh, this is good, we're going in the right direction, didn't realize how broken Jesse kind of was until he said, leave.

- That's true. Having said that, I don't think it was like a Shannon situation. It was like, I want to stay and I'll buy you flowers so we can be mates. Like he openly was like--

- Yes. I just want to continue this so that you can forgive me.

- Basically, like redeem himself. I didn't get that vibe at all. I think Claire genuinely was like in it and willing to like repair the friendship portion, at that point. I don't think it was a romantic way.

- She's definitely putting the effort now, we've seen that. Some couples in the experiment, they might consummate the marriage on the honeymoon or early in the relationship. Jesse and Claire haven't been intimate yet.

So I guess we haven't seen that kind of romantic connection or at least the sexual connection. Is that something that would come? Or do you think they're trying to build on the friendship first? Is it-- could it come up?

- If it happens, I'm nervous for them. Like if they'll be like, yeah, I don't think that was really what we should have done.

- Oh. Really?

- Well, I'm just really getting the friend vibe from them. I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry. I just really get that they could be like really great friends. And like, don't get me wrong, I would love it if they did that, and then they were like, we are more in like than before.

- Yeah.

- I'm not sure if they're in love just yet. But, yeah. I don't know. I don't know if they will be in that place afterwards.

- It always feels like the kind of shy and nervous--

- Yeah.

- because of everything. Yeah.

- It's sweet. I really-- I do want them to work out. I just really get a friend vibe.

- Yeah. I mean, I also, kind of, find it awkward when-- I mean, I know that's the point of the show when the experts are like, have you consummated the marriage?

- Yeah.

- Ah. Like I always think about like what I would do. I'd be like my, mom is watching this. Oh,

- I know.

- No. So I don't know, I find it a bit strange. But I like how they haven't like pressured it. They're just, kind of like, are you like affectionate, and like intimate in the sense that I know that they're not talking about sex. So I do appreciate that from the experts. I could see it happening. But yeah. I agree, it's kind of funny.

- Fingers crossed. I want them to work out. I really do. I think they could make each other happy. But that's just the vibe I get.

- Jesse has made it clear that he's attracted to Claire. But Claire revealed on the retreat that Jesse is not really her type. She's not into like long hair, tattoos and stuff. So I wonder how much that plays into the sexual attraction.

- Yeah. I mean, I wonder if, also for Claire, she is trying to get that friendship built up first before she tries to do anything with Jesse. They don't even kiss that often, right?

- I know. When are they going to do the three minute, five minute, whatever kiss?

- They haven't done any of the challenges.

- Have they?

- They just did the hug.

- They did the hug.

- They did the hug. That was like really important.

- That's quite intimate.

- Yeah.

- Yeah. But they give each other like little pecks.

- Yeah.

- Here and there.

- It's growing.

- It's definitely growing.

- I don't know. I, kind of, prefer it. Because like, I mean-- I know, like, each to your own. But like if you want to-- I mean, I know some couples do it straight away, some couples wait. I don't know, it feels more real and respect-- like to the long--

- Yes.

- Like longevity of a relationship maybe, to like take it slow and say-- especially, with everything that they've had.

- I agree with that. Because I mean, there were some of the brides that were saying like, oh, I'm going to do it straight away or they were like, we have to do it. And they would even say-- I think it was Alyssa that said, they were two weeks in before they did anything. And that was like a long time in MAFS, time.

- I guess, because you're together all day every day. You're not like that when you're dating.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Like that's a lot of dates in two weeks.

- Living together, immediately.

- Yeah. So I guess, two weeks-- and that's how many dates? Is that what, 14?

- That's true. It's not like regular time. It's like The Sims, basically.


- But yes, Jesse, and Claire, good luck, please.

- Marni is rooting for you.

- I'm rooting for you. Root.


- X-rated.