Angie Kent blasts MAFS bride's 'incredibly gross' behaviour: 'Scary times'

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's MAFS 2022 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything on the controversial reality show.

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's MAFS 2022 columnist. Photo: Instagram

If you thought that this show could not get any more MENTAL then boy oh boy were you so very truly wrong. What a week. Let’s waste no time whatsoever. We have quite a bit to unpack…

Ok, so the main topics for this week are quite evident if you have been watching along. They are going to be surrounding Carolina, Dom, Olivia and I will dabble in a few other things that have come to mind.

Angie Kent defends Carolina amid cheating scandal

Carolina, ahhhh. Look, I am not here to support anything she is doing right now. By no means.

BUT can I say one thing... Why are people forcing Carolina to be in a relationship with Dion? If she doesn’t like him, she doesn’t like him. PERIOD.

Let’s remember men often cheat or don’t want to be with their partners on this damn show, we have seen it time and time again. I agree she isn’t the most enjoyable person to watch and her behaviour isn overly questionable. But my god. Is this really a story line?

They don’t like each other. Dion, let it go and Carolina just say you’re with Daniel and GO HOME. Such an unnecessarily toxic story line. Just because he likes you, doesn’t mean you have to like him.

Just because you don’t like him and he likes you.. doesn’t mean you have to be a she-devil. End of.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

The couples retreat was 'true madness'

This week we got to watch everyone go on a lovely little group retreat. This is where the true madness took place.

It kicked off with Dom and her conversation with a group of the girls in ear distance to the fellas, about how Jack isn’t sexual enough for her or often doesn’t make her feel desired. This conversation didn’t pass the vibe check. Imagine if roles were reversed and we saw a group of men talking about how unsatisfied one of them were with his sex life with his partner. Heads would roll.

Dom certainly can say and do some questionable things. But she ALWAYS owns her sh*t and I LOVE her for it. I don’t particularly agree with her stance on some of her gender roles, especially in the bedroom. I do respect how Dom can be told and really feels if she hurts other people.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

'Olivia is serving us full mean girl'

Now let's cut to the chase….Olivia. I probably thought about this week's behaviour from Olivia much more than I would like to admit. Olivia is serving us full mean girl.

Dom might insert herself into most conversations but she’s the first to say sorry and own her sh*t. From what we’ve been shown, I feel Olivia was setting Dom up to lose her mind at that girls' dinner at the group couples retreat.

Olivia started off by you know, ‘casually’ talking about her AMAZING sex life with Jackson, when she knew very well Dom and Jack just had a fight about what Dom said regarding their sex life. Olivia knows Dom has internal struggles with being called ‘too much’ so by saying Dom's voice is an issue for her because she is always yelling, yeah of course she knew what she was doing.

Olivia then drops a passive aggressive ‘funny little joke’ by comparing Dom to the likes of a great white shark or a crocodile. Right before all of this takes place and Olivia is happy to be there judging the absolute sh*t out of Dom, Olivia literally just admitted to being the kind of psycho who cuts up clothes and posts them back to people when she doesn’t get her own way?! I’m not making this sh*t up. Sounds like some crook 90s movie script.

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

'Incredibly gross'

It’s like she was poking the bear knowing Dom would go her and then turns around and is like WOW look at Dom, she’s CRAZY. Typical DARVO [Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender] behaviour. It was so incredibly gross to watch. It’s just rare to see a woman do it so hardcore and so obviously. She’s serving us bully vibes on a platter.

Dom 100% should not have smashed that glass. That was wrong. She knows it. She apologised for it. She lost sleep over it. What more do you want from the girl?

In addition to that Olivia saga, is it just me or does Olivia always side with the people who are deemed the bully / abusers in this experiment (and probably in life) first it was Andrew and now she’s team Carolina? Maybe the behaviour you condone is the behaviour you have within yourself.

Olivia keeps admitting to the fact that she is so petty. A petty petty human. I quite enjoy the fact that she knows she is, but it’s certainly not something to be proud and loud about, or settle with. If you know you’re petty…. Do the work. How exhausting to hold grudges like that. This is coming from the girl that cut up a brown bridesmaids dress, then posted it back because she had a fight with the Bride. Imagine going on this show and carrying on like that and then expecting people to trust you with their children - She’s studying to be a teacher right? Scary times.

Photo: Channel Nine
Photo: Channel Nine

Then at the dinner party old mate Matt got up and apologised for being a drunk mess the other night and Carolina and Olivia were like a cheer squad for that apology.

So in their eyes, are men allowed to make mistakes and apologise for these said mistakes, but women simply can not and should suffer for the rest of their days? Weird flex.

I am here for Dom and Ella’s friendship. The sisterhood there is strong. Olivia and Carolina seem to be ‘pick me boys girls’ and that to me is one of the saddest parts of it all.

Singing out now with one more little message because I can’t help myself. Don’t apologise if you don’t mean it people (looking at you Olivia) and also don’t be confused girl….YOU ARE THE PERPETRATOR!

Stop doing things like apologising and pretending you feel remorse because men tell you to do it. Olivia is festering on Dom. There is something so much more internal going on in there. Imagine not being able to forgive. What a sad long life of misery.

Dom is so self aware. She acts out, she owns it, she apologises she doesn’t drink at the dinner party so she can be fully present in a hardcore situation. I love Jack. I love Dom. Under pressure Jack has had Dom’s back and I am here for it. But he also stands his ground when his feelings are hurt but in a mature and respectful way. This seems like a healthy relationship. Yay for one good thing to happen this week.

Until next week - EAT, SLEEP, SAGE, REPEAT X.

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