Ma. Lobstermen 'Saved' Man Who Failed to Check-In with His Family After His Boat Overturned: 'Job Well Done'

“When you are going out on the water, establish check in times. If those times are missed, CALL. IT. IN. You are not overreacting," St. George Fire Rescue said

<p>Getty</p> Generic image of a lobsterman boat


Generic image of a lobsterman boat

A team effort helped rescue a man whose skiff overturned off the coast of Maine — and it was all thanks to the fact that he took precautions beforehand.

In a Facebook post, St. George Fire Rescue said the unidentified man informed his family that he had gone sailing in his skiff to inspect property damage caused by recent storms.

When they didn't hear from him, the family called forest responders for help locating him around 5 p.m. local time. The weather for that day had been rainy and temperatures were projected at 36 degrees with lows of 29 degrees at night, according to CBS News.

According to CBS News, the weather for that day was rainy, with temperatures expected to reach 36 degrees and lows of 29 degrees at night.

The agency said that as rescuers tried to determine where to begin searching for the man between Tenants Harbor and Rackliff Island located on Maine’s south side, they received a call from a citizen who said they heard someone yelling from a nearby island.

Using the call, they were able to more accurately pinpoint a general location for where the missing man might be.

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Over 25 first responders went out to help with the call, including units from the Marine Patrol, US Coast Guard, Knox County Sheriff’s Office and others. Several lobstermen had also overheard on their radios what had happened and opted to stay in the area to see if they could help, according to the post.

Ultimately, one lobsterman, who had been in touch with rescuers and sailed out to the location to see if he could find the missing man, eventually found him, per the Miami Herald.

"Our local lobstermen saved his life,” St. George Fire Rescue said in the post, though they did not identify the lobstermen.

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“While tonight’s outcome feels like a victory, we do not know at this time what the future holds for our patient. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts on his road to recovery,” the agency added.

St. George Fire Rescue did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

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Once he was found, a lobstermen named Ryan Miller helped shuttle off the remaining responders from the island around 8 p.m. St. George Fire Rescue noted that the rescue, which had a happy ending, also held an important lesson.

“Have a plan,” the agency said. “When you are going out on the water, establish check-in times. If those times are missed, CALL. IT. IN. You are not overreacting.”

St. George Fire Rescue also praised everyone for a “job well done” getting the man to safety. The agency did not say what condition the man was found in or give any details about his recovery.

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