M&M's Just Announced a New Flavor

But the timing has us confused.



Here are Allrecipes, we’re big fans of M&M’s. While we appreciate the classic all-chocolate flavor we grew up with, we also can’t help but get excited when the iconic candy brand comes out with something new.

Last year, we rejoiced over the M&M’s Peanut Butter Mega size with even more peanut buttery goodness. Then came the Toasty Vanilla White Chocolate Flavor we couldn't help but load up on during the holidays.

Now, M&M's has a new flavor that’s holiday-specific, but you won’t necessarily have to wait until then to find it.

M&M’s New Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Flavor

<p>Mars Wrigley</p>

Mars Wrigley

M&M’s is launching a brand new Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Flavor that will soon hit store shelves nationwide. Even though summer has yet to officially start, you won’t have to wait for sweater weather to enjoy the flavors of pumpkin spice wrapped in a milk chocolate shell. Fans of the fall flavor can grab a bag to devour while sitting poolside.

"At Mars, we celebrate Halloween every day, all year long," said Tim LeBel, Chief Halloween Officer and President of Sales at Mars Wrigley North America in a press release. "Our 2024 Mars Wrigley Halloween product line-up is a direct reflection of our consumer obsession and offers a playful blend of taste, creativity, and on-trend seasonal offerings to deliver products we know will end up in the 'good' pile on Halloween night."

It's not the first time M&M's has jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon—it came out with a White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie flavor in 2017. But Mars Wrigley, the company that owns M&M's, is going all in this year on Halloween.

In addition to the new pumpkin pie flavor, fan favorite M&M’s Ghouls in a blend of milk chocolate, peanut, and peanut butter will also be making a comeback for the season, along with the Ghoulish Green Snickers and Twix bars.

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