Lowe's Is Selling the Cutest Chicken Coop for Over 50% Off

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Lowe's has the cutest chicken coop, perfect for people new to raising chickens or even those with loads of experience. And good timing because it's now over 50% off!

If you've been thinking about getting your own chicken flock or you need an upgrade, the Mondawe Orange Wood Convertible Chicken Coop and Rabbit Hutch might be everything you've been looking for. Take a look!

One very important factor of having your own chicken flock is ensuring there's a safe space for them.

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Since chickens are outside, we can't just leave them to the elements, including the weather and potential predators, which can be a big issue depending on where you live. And that's what makes chicken coops so important.

This chicken coop from Lowe's gets big bonus points not only because it keeps chickens protected from inclement weather and potential predators but also because it's spacious, has fun indoor and outdoor space, and is all done in one do-it-yourself construction. And it's on sale right now.

According to Lowe's, its Mondawe Orange Wood Convertible Chicken Coop and Rabbit Hutch typically retail for $324, but it's on sale right now for $152.65, and it has everything you could want.

"This 2-tier hutch provides your little friends an exclusive house that makes them feel cozy and safe in the backyard, porch, or garden, especially on cold and rainy days," the description reads. "Moreover, it can not only be used for rabbits but also guinea pigs, hedgehogs, chickens, and tortoises."

Looking a little more closely at what makes this chicken coop so great, it's made for the outside with natural fir wood, painted with non-toxic varnish that makes it weatherproof, and covered with asphalt that helps keep the rain out and the sun from being too overbearing.

We've seen the fun two-story house with the stairs into the enclosed area, but it also comes with a wire fence and doors that lock to ensure any potential predators stay out while still allowing chickens or rabbits access to the full area.

When built, it's 37" high, 46" long, and 20" wide, which means it's a great fit for someone who doesn't have a massive yard but still wants to get in on the fun of raising chickens.

Quick Facts About Raising Chickens

If you're new to raising chickens or are still in your research phase, there are some quick things you should know about being a chicken parent before jumping in head first.

The first important thing to know is that raising chickens isn't standard across the country. According to Pete & Gerry's, all 50 states have "Right to Farm laws," but not all towns or counties are the same regarding restrictions or the number of chickens permitted in each house. So, be sure to do your research before you invest in a chicken coop.

If you've done that step and you're getting serious about being a chicken parent, the next step is to ensure you have enough space and funds to care for your chickens' needs.

According to Roots & Refuge, chickens are pretty easy to care for, and you're rewarded with amazing farm-fresh eggs and friends who are fun to pet and care for. But it's not cheap, and some math is involved in getting the right type of food.

"In my experience, chickens ideally need a diet with 12-20% protein. Each chicken needs 1/4-1/3 lb of food each day, total," the website shares.

"When calculating this total, you want to ensure that includes what you're feeding them in kitchen scraps, what they're getting in bugs on fresh grass, etc." She notes that there are some ways to cut on food costs, including fermented chicken feed, but sometimes getting the right mix of food can be a little challenge.

But if you're still serious about being a chicken parent, doing your pre-research will help a long way. And this chicken coop would knock a big to-do off the long list toward getting your own chicken flock.