Love Triangle’s Sulei was almost a MAFS contestant

Love Triangle’s Sulei was almost a contestant on Married At First Sight.

Video transcript

SULEI: My sister used to watch "MAFS." And I'd get home, and she'd be watching it. So I'd get home, and then, like, "Oh, [? Cora, ?] turn this crap off," and then low-key started enjoying it. And so I started watching it, like, every afternoon with-- every night with her. Then, one day, I was, like, gaming with a few of the boys on the computer and a "MAFS" ad popped up, like, to, like, apply for it. So I clicked it and then filled out the first page of the application. And it was like-- it's like seven pages long. So I was like, I'm not doing this. So then I stopped.

And then I got approached by someone. They called me, and they're like, hey, can you finish your application, please? And are you free for a Zoom call? So I started my process for "MAFS," actually. And then, like, through that process, kind of, scattered in there, they asked me if I'd be interested in going to chat about "Love Triangle." And I was like, yeah, whatever. Went and spoke to two of the producers from "Love Triangle," and then they asked me if I wanted to be on that instead. And I was like, yeah, OK.

And I think I'm glad that I did it, to be honest, and didn't go on "MAFS" because I think it'd be-- knowing the experience that I went on on "Love Triangle," I think that would be, like, magnified greatly on something like "MAFS." Yeah.