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Love Starbucks' egg bites? Make them at home in minutes with this cute, compact appliance

Starbucks is a morning savior for many. And while most of us go there to stay caffeinated, don't overlook its food. One on-the-go breakfast favorite is the sous vide egg bites, made with the famous French water-bath cooking technique. Sound a little too involved for a busy morning? Don't worry: You can still easily copy these babies at home with the Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Egg Bites Maker.

Get it in colors including aqua, black or red. Whatever you choose, at just 6 by 8 inches, it won't hog counter space.

$30 at Amazon

Sous vide has been used in high-end restaurants to prepare tender meats for decades, and there are tools for trying true sous vide cooking at home, like this Sous Vide Immersion Circulator. Despite its name, the Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Egg Bites Maker doesn't actually use sous vide, but it still gets the job done — and faster.

This handy little appliance can make four egg bites in under 15 minutes. Just pour water onto the heating plate, fill the egg cups with your own egg mixture, then close the lid. The egg cups are made with heat-safe silicone and should easily, cleanly release your bites once they’re done cooking.

Whether you're on a keto or paleo diet, aiming to amp up your protein intake or just have limited time to make breakfast, egg bites are a solid choice. You can take them on the go or save them in the fridge to heat up for lunch later. But you can also use this 6-by-8-inch appliance for more creations, such as cheesecake bites or mini custards. It comes with a recipe book if you need a little help getting creative.

Dash egg bites maker
The Dash egg bites maker is capable of other culinary wonders, including sandwiches and desserts. (Amazon)

Over 9,500 Amazon shoppers give the egg bites maker a five-star rating, and many say they use it to recreate Starbucks' beloved breakfast item at home.

"I am a huge Starbucks egg bites fan. But now I can make my own just like I want them," shared one happy customer. "This is super easy to use. Simply put in what you want and let it cook for 12 minutes. Easy to clean too."

Another wrote: "I saw this and ordered, and let me tell you, it is a game-changer for breakfast. I can make egg bites the way I like and it is way cheaper than buying them either from the store or Starbucks! A great investment."

"If you like Starbucks egg bites, or want a quick, hassle free way of making eggs/mini omelettes for breakfast, then [this] is great. The only thing is that there is no auto-off function," cautioned a final reviewer. "If you leave it plugged in, it stays on."

How to make Starbucks-worthy egg bites with the Dash Egg Bite Maker

Start by mixing 5 eggs with 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper. Blend until light and frothy. Then, mix in the the following ingredients:

  • For the egg white and roasted red pepper bites: shredded Monterey Jack cheese, spinach and fire-roasted red peppers (you can buy them in a jar or can and rinse before using, or toss red peppers under your broiler for a minute or so)

  • For the bacon and gruyère egg bites: gruyère cheese, Monterey Jack cheese and applewood-smoked bacon

  • For the kale and mushroom egg bites: chopped kale, diced portabella mushrooms and Monterey Jack cheese

Once all the ingredients are incorporated, pour the egg mixture into the silicone egg cups in the Dash Egg Bites Maker and cook. These egg bites will be slightly bigger than the Starbucks version, but you can make them smaller or bigger depending on how much mixture you add to the cups.

Cooking for a crowd? You can get a bigger version of the egg bite maker if you're willing to spend a little more.

You can make up to nine egg bites with this appliance, or go rogue and use it to make other dishes like this Amazon shopper: "It's a griddle as well. Grilled cheese to perfection in half the time in a pan or my panini press. Quick quesadilla. Pancakes and sausages patties? Easy peasy. Egg sandwich ... done."

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