Love Island star's bizarre bedroom photoshop fail

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Many a minor celeb has been guilty of pulling and tweaking a photo to better define their waist, enhance their lips, slim their legs or filter bad skin.

Most however, don’t turn to photoshop to achieve the perfect background, but in a bizarre twist a Love Island Australia contestant has done just that.

Love Island contestant Margarita Smith has been accused of photoshopping the background into this photo. Photo: Instagram/ margaritasmithh

In a photo dug up from way back in 2018, brand new Island bombshell Margarita who dropped in just two nights ago was caught out photoshopping herself... into someone else bedroom.

Yep, the busty brunette decided to use the magic of Photoshop to use a well-known blogger’s bedroom as her own in possibly the most bizarre use of the editing app to date.

Fashion blogger Emma Spiliopolous is famed for her all-white bedroom background in her Instagram photos.

Blogger Margarita Smith says her bedroom's background was used Margarita. Photo: Instagram/em.spiliopoulos

She often uses the drop to set off her vibrant outfits, meaning it didn’t take long for fans to call out the odd photo as soon as Margarita catapulted onto into the public eye via the tropical island.

A telltale white swing, and the sweeping edge of an attic bedroom betray Margarita’s attempt to pass off the blogger’s bedroom as her own, and the response from fans was predictably chaotic.

“Bruh she photoshopped herself into this other chicks bedroom I’m dead,” one fan wrote.

“She photoshopped herself into someone else’s room,” another reiterated.

“How awkward,” another wrote.

The blogger herself even called out the strange fail in her Instagram stories, accusing the Love Island star of stealing her bedroom.

The blogger called the reality star out in an Instagram story. Photo: Instagram/ em.spiliopoulos

With Margarita on the island, and no response ensuing, guess we’ll just have to guess at how the hell she thought she would get away this week.

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