Loot’s Maya Rudolph, Nat Faxon Talk Molly and Arthur’s [Spoiler] and That Major Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger

The following contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Loot!

Steamy romantic chemistry and a batch of filthy rich new nemeses? Molly sure had a lot to contend with in the season finale of Loot.

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After a potential new donor wound up being the leader of a robed, cult-like gang of billionaires looking to secure their wealth, the group confronted Molly about trying to disrupt the power dynamic between the Top 1-percenters and those that Space for Everyone aims to help. Unfortunately, even gal-pal Grace drank the rich a-hole Kool-Aid which means Molly and her crew might just be back to square one next season.

But elsewhere, our eyes were fixated on Molly and Arthur’s simmering flirtmance. After Arthur apologized to Molly for their almost-kiss the episode prior, the couple finally locked lips when Molly took a big swing and shared her true feelings. Arthur’s girlfriend, however, interrupted the moment we’ve all been waiting for, causing Molly to pack a bag and flee on her private jet (sorry, her “PJ”), leaving all of her messy personal and professional problems behind. (Time to crack open the gin again, Nicholas!)

“I definitely think that Molly is completely out of practice,” Maya Rudolph tells TVLine in the video above. “Molly is Arthur’s boss. He’s being sensitive to the fact that she’s just gotten out of a very long relationship and doesn’t want to overstep his boundaries… and so they do a lot of dancing around it and each other constantly. I think it’s also surprising to Molly that someone can be so nice to her and be attractive.”

“Arthur has tried so hard in Season 2 to move forward,” says Nat Faxon. “He’s found happiness and he’s found a girl and I think he has regained a little bit of his confidence and self-worth only to feel like the one thing he’s truly ever wanted is now in front of him, but he’s sort of incapable of giving himself to it. I hope that at some point down the line they can be in the same place and available to each other and come together… I think they are both good for each other, so I root for them.”

Will Molly and Arthur ever officially get together and what’s the best ‘ship name for these two? Hear what else Rudolph, Faxon and series creator Alan Yang had to say about the romantic mishap by pressing PLAY on the video embedded above. Then, vote in our polls and drop some comments!

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