My London: Jerry Hall

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Home is...

Henley and Richmond. For the past seven years I have lived mostly in New York and LA but England has been my home for 40 years and now I am back here mostly.

When did you first move to London?

When I was 19 years old I moved to Holland Park with Bryan Ferry.

What was your first job in London?

For British Vogue with Norman Parkinson in Jamaica. My first job in London was with David Bailey. The best thing about the Jamaica shoot was working with Grace Coddington, the stylist. She was so talented and got together great clothes. Also I was with my then boyfriend, the fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. We talked about getting married, but he was bisexual and I did not like to share. The photos were stunning and launched my career.

Which shops do you rely on?

I love Harrods and have been going there 40 years! I adore Manolo Blahnik’s shoes and have way too many of them. Sadly my feet are huge but luckily Manolo makes my size. I think the hat designer Philip Treacy is a genius and I am going to get a new summer hat for Ascot soon. I loved shopping at Vivienne Westwood and still do — going to Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McClaren’s shop, Sex.

Favourite restaurant?

I love Italian food and my favourite restaurant is The River Café, such delicious yummy pasta! I also am thrilled there is a new Scott’s restaurant in Richmond. I prefer going out for lunch with my best girlfriends — Suzanne Wyman, Jeanne Fieldorf and Sabrina Stoppard. We have a club called The Butterfly Club, we get together and read each other our writing.

What is your London secret?

My happiest times are spent in Richmond Park. It is especially delightful in the fall when all the leaves turn golden orange and red. My children and I kept horses in the park and the children loved climbing trees there. This was our special place, with all the deer and endless adventures. I had an old Silver Cross pram... with four children and there was always a baby bouncing along.

Favourite grooming spot?

My daughter Georgia [May Jagger] has the hair company Bleach and I love going to her salon and having Alex Brownsell cut and colour my hair. I had a beautiful bright copper colour done once, although last time I went blonder. Georgia thought I should go blonder again as ‘blondes have more fun’.

We talked about getting married but he was bisexual and I didn’t like to share...

What are you working on right now?

I recently did an ad for Mugler H&M. I worked for many years with the talented Thierry Mugler and I think it is so great that H&M is coming out with affordable Mugler clothes.

Favourite piece of art in London?

I love going to art galleries and museums. The British Museum has such beautiful Greek and Roman sculptures — I could look at them forever. My favourite work of art is Michelangelo’s Taddei Tondo, the virgin and child with the infant Saint John, a marble relief at the Royal Academy.

Best play you’ve seen?

Tom Stoppard’s last play, Leopoldstadt. And Fran Lebowitz’s funny show. I adore Fran. We met in NY in the 1970s and went to Studio 54 with Andy Warhol most nights.

Who is the most iconic Londoner?

I, like the rest of the UK, have a crush on Joanna Lumley. I am glued to her TV show about travelling to the source of the Nile. I was lucky to work with her a few times in the TV series Cluedo and the film Absolutely Fabulous. She is a life-enhancing tonic!

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