Local DJ 'Slick Rick' Discovered Decapitated in Memphis

Ricky 'Slick Rick' Buchanan

Popular Memphis DJ Ricky Buchanan was found beheaded inside his home in the Berclair area this week. He was well-known by his stage name, "Slick Rick."

(Buchanan is not affiliated with the famous rapper Slick Rick, whose real name is Richard Martin Lloyd Walters.)

Rick's brother, John Buchanan, was the one who discovered his decapitated body around 2:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday, Jan. 24, FOX13 reports.

"I walked in and found him, and I just called 911. It was terrible," John told the news outlet, adding that he initially didn't realize his brother's body had been decapitated.

"I thought his coat was up over his head like it was cold or something," he recounted. "I ran out and then I ran back in. And then I realized it wasn't that. It was something worse."

John also described a series of "weird" circumstances at the home, including that he found his brother's dog, Lucky, still in the yard.

"A lot of things were weird," John explained. "He had his keys still in his hand. His pants were pulled down to his feet and the back door was wide open, so that's the weird stuff."

John also mentioned a 2014 incident when Rick was shot outside of a club, a situation that reportedly caused his brother to become more of a recluse.

Now, police are said to be investigating the circumstances surrounding Rick's death while John and the rest of his family focus on the next steps.

"We are just securing the property," he said. "Making funeral arrangements. Taking care of my mom." John also shared that his family plans to adopt Lucky in the wake of Rick's death.

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