Lizzie McGuire's Clayton Snyder doesn't look like this anymore

Disney show Lizzie McGuire was a massive hit in the early 2000s as millions of viewers tuned in to follow teenager Lizzie, played by Hilary Duff, as she navigated her changing world.

Lizzie, her best friend Miranda and their frenemy Kate all had a crush on the school hunk Ethan Craft, as did most of the girls in their year.

Lizzie McGuire's Clayton Snyder and Hilary Duff
Lizzie McGuire's Ethan Craft has changed a lot since starring in the show. Photo: Instagram/@heyclayton

Ethan was known for his lush locks and affable nature however Clayton Snyder, the actor who played Ethan, revealed that his signature look was a little harder to achieve than it appears.

"I had a curly, fro, clown mop of hair off set and I took longer than the girls did in hair and makeup to get that thing as luscious and straight as it was," Clayton revealed to MTV in 2015. "They just destroyed it with product and hairspray and straightening iron and more product."

He also said his approach to women was unlike that of his character.


"I am very different from Ethan," he added. "He has an eye out for the ladies. I think he likes being around them, he likes the attention that he gets. Whereas for me, that's not something I necessarily scope for, it's just not in my personality, I suppose. I'm more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger than to try any antic or pick-up lines."

After leaving the show, Clayton went to Pepperdine University in California where he became a professional water polo player and enjoyed success in the sport, including being part of the team to win gold at the EU Nations Cup in 2018.

Clayton Snyder playing water polo and posing with a trophy
While he was still acting up to 2019, Clayton was also a successful water polo player, winning gold at the EU Nations Cup in Prague in 2018. Photo: Instagram/@heyclayton

Clayton was just 13 when he first played Ethan and is now 34 so it's no wonder people are surprised by how different he looks today.

While he still does a bit of acting, he has a slightly more secure job as a real estate agent these days. He married fellow actor Allegra Edwards in 2020 and they're expecting their first child, a boy, very soon.

Clayton Snyder with his wife Allegra Edwards; and a pregnant Allegra Edwards
Clayton is now married to fellow actor Allegra Edwards and they are expecting the birth of their baby boy imminently. Photo: Instagram/@heyclayton

Clayton still catches up with some of his Lizzie McGuire alum from time to time, such as Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie's younger brother Matt, and Carly Schroeder, who played Melina, and hopes that if there is a reboot he'll be asked to participate.

Former Lizzie McGuire cast mates Jake Thomas, Carly Schroeder and Clayton Snyder
Clayton with former Lizzie McGuire cast mates Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie's younger brother Matt, and Carly Schroeder, who played Matt's best friend Melina. Photo: Instagram/@heyclayton

When asked what he thought Ethan would be doing today, Clayton told Entertainment Tonight: "He'd be an influencer 100 per cent".

"Maybe he'd be divorced by now as well because he wasn't the best communicator," he added.

Let's hope we get a chance to find out one day soon.

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