'Little People Big World's Audrey Roloff Gives Honest Health Update After Welcoming Baby No. 4

Audrey Roloff from TLC's 'Little People, Big World'

Audrey Roloff is getting honest about her experience with postpartum after welcoming her fourth child with husband Jeremy Roloff.

While adding a new member to the family is typically a joyous experience, it can come with its fair share of hardships and hiccups along the way, which Audrey addresses in a new Instagram post.

The 32-year-old described the aftermath of giving birth to her daughter, acknowledging, “I’ve been a little quiet here lately. Of course we are soaking up these precious days with a newborn and adjusting to life as a family of 6… but also these early postpartum days really take me down. It’s always the hardest part for me.”

Though the now-mom of four noted that she absolutely loves “labor and birth"—teasing fans that she “cannot wait” to share her “wild birth story"—and usually has “great pregnancies,” she explained that the “first week after birth is a doozy.”

“My Dolly Parton milk supply that’s thicker than honey, accompanied by babies with severe tongue ties has been the unfortunate recipe for mastitis in the first week postpartum 4/4 times,” she revealed in a transparent health update.

“And getting mastitis so quickly after giving birth when you’re already so depleted and trying to heal/recover is just brutal🤪,” she said of the inflammation of breast tissue that’s sometimes accompanied by an infection, with symptoms such as pain, swelling, warmth, redness and even chills and fever, per the Mayo Clinic.

However, she did look on the bright side of things, adding, “ I’m so thankful to be past it now and finally able to sleep on my stomach😜 IYKYK.”

She also offered some advice and solutions for others suffering from mastitis, noting, “For those always asking for my mastitis protocal [sic] I saved it to my highlights in case you need it (I hope you don’t). “

Though the post-birth update may have shared some of the less-than-glorious moments of being a new mom, the Little People Big World star made sure to accompany it with a handful of heartwarming photos with her new bundle of joy, Mirabella May.

In the first, she can be seen on the family farm, pressing her nose lovingly against the newborns, while the subsequent photos show the mom and dad smiling for the camera.

Many moms took the opportunity to share some of their postpartum struggles in the comments, with one fan writing, “The baby blues, the anxiety, constant crying (I mean me), worrying about so much, struggling with breastfeeding. Man it gets to me.”

“You really walk through fire for your babies in that first week, friend! Such a strong mama,” another chimed in.

“Sleep deprivation😩” and “postpartum contractions” were among the other complaints, though, many the time in their life was a combination of “the highest of highs and lowest of lows,” stating that they also felt “so in love, so emotional, overwhelmed, sad, happy tears, sad tears and wanting time to slow down and my kids to not grow so quick. It’s a doozy.”

The TLC star previously shared glimpses into her family life with Mirabella, born on May 23, sharing the first photos of the little one with her siblings, Ember, 6, Bode, 4, and Radley, 17 months.

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