Little Debbie Just Launched a Brand New Line of Treats

Just in time for summer.

<p>McKee Foods/Getty/Allrecipes</p>

McKee Foods/Getty/Allrecipes

Everyone’s favorite budget snack cake, Little Debbie, has found its niche in switching up its popular treats just a little bit by changing their shape or adding different colored frostings to make them holiday-themed.

The most obvious examples are the Christmas treats. The super popular Christmas Tree Cakes are pretty much the Zebra Cakes reimagined. The Christmas Tree Brownies are the Cosmic Brownies with green frosting, shaped like an evergreen rather than a square. This past spring, Little Debbie released Spring Mini Donuts, a riff on its regular Glazed Mini Donuts.

It’s not a bad business model. It keeps fans reaching for Little Debbie treats all year round. And to keep them reaching this summer, Little Debbie is turning some of its classic offerings red, white, and blue—perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or any time during the season.

Little Debbie's New Red, White & Blue Treats

On his Instagram account, Markie Devo brought six new Red, White & Blue Little Debbie Treats to our attention.

  • Red, White & Blue Vanilla Cakes or Chocolate Cakes: Yellow or chocolate cake, layered with creme and coated in white frosting. Each cake is topped with red stripes and blue star sprinkles.

  • Red, White & Blue Mini Muffins Lemon: The only treat in the line that doesn’t have any red, white, or blue on it, the mini muffins are lemon flavored. (At least the packaging is festive.)

  • Red, White & Blue Nutty Buddy: Peanut butter cream sandwiched between wafer bars coated with white icing topped with red stripes and blue star sprinkles.

  • Red, White & Blue Donuts: Mini white cake donuts coated in white frosting and topped with red and blue sugar crystals.

  • Red, White & Blue Brownies: Brownies with white fudge icing topped with red stripes and blue star sprinkles.

We’re betting that if someone asks you to bring dessert to the holiday festivities, no one will complain if you bring a bowl full of these individually wrapped, patriotic treats as your contribution. In fact, we think they’ll disappear as quickly as the incredibly popular Christmas Tree cakes that sell out long before Christmas.

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