Little Debbie Has a New Item Coming Soon

Have your cake, and eat it for breakfast too.

<p>McKee Foods/Allrecipes</p>

McKee Foods/Allrecipes

Little Debbie may be famous for its snack cakes, but the little girl in the straw hat also has breakfast covered. The legendary brand makes mini donuts and donut sticks (I love the fact that if you take a piece of cake, fry it, and call it a donut, it becomes a perfectly acceptable breakfast food.)

Next month, Little Debbie is debuting a new donut stick flavor: apple cinnamon. This is in addition to the new spring products the brand announced last month: limited-time Spring Mini Donuts and Spring Lemon Mini Muffins, plus the new permanent snack cake, Birthday Cake Creme Pies.

Little Debbie's New Apple Cinnamon Donut Sticks

According to Instagram’s markie_devo, the new Little Debbie Cinnamon Donut Sticks will join the current glazed donut sticks on store shelves in late April. The six individually wrapped “delicious cake style” donuts are “perfect for dunking,” according to their packaging.

Since the new donut sticks will not appear in stores until next month, no one has had a chance to sample them. But that isn't stopping people from looking forward to them.

"I'm most excited for the apple cinnamon sticks!!" exclaimed one follower. Another added, "I already love donut sticks so imagine what the cinnamon apple ones taste like," to which markie_devo replied, "Prob incredible."

We wouldn't be surprised if the new apple cinnamon donut sticks—which can be breakfast or a snack at any time of day—were incredible.

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