Lime Juice Is The Key To Freshen Up Your Fishy Garbage Disposal

lime juice in bowl with fruit
lime juice in bowl with fruit - 4kodiak/Getty Images

The modern garbage disposal is unquestionably one of the most useful kitchen tools to ever be invented. However, despite its ease of use and ability to quickly dispose of old, unwanted food, the smell associated with the invaluable tool isn't always so pleasant. That's right, when it comes to garbage disposals, the stench is real. But if you've ever found yourself desperate for a simple, effective method to rid your kitchen of the rotting smell of meals gone by, the good news is that there is one: Lime juice. As it turns out, lime juice is a neutralizer that works wonders to eliminate the sharp, pungent odors that lurk in your garbage disposal, even — and especially — the ever-lingering scent of fish.

This natural, inexpensive ingredient possesses helpful cleaning properties due to its citrus content, which has proven successful at cutting grease, eliminating odors, and emitting a fresh, zesty scent strong enough to cancel out any old food smells. So keeping a few limes on hand may just be the key to freshening up not just your garbage disposal, but your whole kitchen.

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Using Lime Juice To Freshen Your Garbage Disposal

hand squeezing a lime wedge
hand squeezing a lime wedge - Pavel Iarunichev/Getty Images

Using lime juice to neutralize the unpleasant odors from your garbage disposal is simple. After placing your leftover fish remnants in your disposal, simply follow with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Then, simply turn your garbage disposal on for about a minute, and the natural acidity in the lime juice will cut through any grease, working to deodorize and eliminate any stinky odors and adding a fresh, citrusy scent to your kitchen. Lime juice also works to clean and freshen the blades of your disposal, eliminating prior odors that may have accumulated with frequent use (and any prior seafood nights whose pungent scents are still hanging around).

Alternatively, you can cut your limes into small chunks and stuff them down the disposal — the acidity on the lime peels is just as effective a deodorizer and refresher as the juice. But use this method in moderation, as peels in large amounts are more likely to get stuck in your garbage disposal, and the rough texture of the peels could damage its blades. In fact, if you use peels, put some ice cubes in there, too — the ice will help clear peel debris and keep your disposal clear. And if your limes have gotten old, don't stress — you can still utilize those leftover limes as a helpful cleaning agent, even if you can no longer eat them. No fresh limes on hand? A squeeze of bottled lime juice will work just as well.

Additions To Lime Juice For Garbage Disposal Cleaning

spoonful of baking soda over sink
spoonful of baking soda over sink - RHJPhtotos/Shutterstock

Limes and lime juice can also be utilized effectively when partnered with other common household cleaning agents to rid your garbage disposal of those smells you — and your nose — would rather forget. If you have baking soda and white vinegar, you can combine them to clean your disposal by pouring 1/2 cup of the baking soda and one cup of white vinegar down the disposal and allowing the mixture to bubble up and sizzle for a few minutes. Then, you'll want to pour some boiling water down your garbage disposal's drain and place about two cups of ice inside — with one cup of salt on top — which will help break up any grime in the drain.

Simply turn on your water and run your garbage disposal until the ice is all gone. But be sure to use cold water — while hot water is typically associated with household cleaning processes, in this case, it can actually work counteractively, causing any grease and fats in the disposal to harden and become more difficult to remove. Once your ice is gone, add your lime wedges to the drain — with the water and disposal still on — and you've eliminated that unpleasant fishy odor without having to use any harsh chemicals, and while adding a fresh, welcoming scent to your home.

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