Lili Reinhart hilariously responds to sugar daddy offers from fans in her TikTok DMs

Lili Reinhart hilariously responds to sugar daddy offers from fans in her TikTok DMs

Lili Reinhart has hilariously responded to a few of the inappropriate questions she’s received from fans on social media.

The 27-year-old actor shared a recent video to TikTok to read some of the direct messages she’s received through the app. While reading one message, she reacted to a fan who offered to give her money and buy her gifts in exchange for “attention and advice,” which is often behaviour used to describe a sugar daddy.

“Hey princess… How are you doing?” Reinhart recited while showcasing the message. “I’m sorry if this offends you, would you let daddy spoil you with $5,000 weekly?” the message continued, before the man noted he was just looking for “attention and advice” in return.

The Riverdale star went on to look at the camera with a straight face before she joked about how she would respond to the fan’s proposition.

“It depends on what kind of advice you’re looking for,” she said. “But, you could message me back and let me know. You can ask some questions, and I’ll try to give you the best advice I can.”

Reinhart continued to read some of the other messages she’s received, including one from a fan asking her “how much for [her] used socks”, before offering to give her “$200” for the clothing. The fan also quipped that they knew she didn’t “need the money,” but still wanted her to sell the socks “just for the fun of it”.

In response, the actor hilariously explained why she wasn’t up for the idea. “I’m going to have to say $200 is like a really low offer, considering, just considering,” she said.

Elsewhere in the video, Reinhart also shared a message from a fan asking what she’d do with $300 if they sent it to her.

She specified that she’d use the $300 for shopping, explaining: “It’s just the most realistic thing. I’ve been on the hunt for jeans, and denim lately. So that’s probably what I would use that for.”

Reinhart’s video has quickly gone viral on TikTok, where it has more than 750,000 views. In the comments, fans poked fun at Reinhart’s playful response to the messages.

“You really considered [the first] offer,” one quipped, while another added: “Hold on, $5,000 weekly? My man is open for business.”

A third wrote: “I knew this wasn’t gonna be serious from the jump.”

Her hilarious responses come months after she confirmed that she was in a new relationship with actor Jack Martin. In August, she took to her Instagram Story to share a birthday message for Martin, known for his role in the NBC series La Brea. “It’s my cowboy’s birthday,” Reinhart began the tribute, which featured a photo of Martin wearing a black cowboy hat.

The second photo showed the TikToker holding a chocolate pastry, as Reinhart wrote: “I’ll split a pain au chocolat with you any day.”

“I’m so grateful for the light you’ve brought into my life,” the Hustlers star also captioned an image of herself and Martin embracing while standing on a pier. “Happy birthday, mon petite.”

The pair were first romantically linked in April, after Page Six published photos of the then-rumoured couple kissing outside Los Angeles International Airport.