TikTok mum sparks major confusion with her real age: 'Wait?'

A TikTok famous mum with 1.8M followers has sparked major confusion about her 'real age', after sharing a video of herself dancing with her 'twin daughters'.

Mum of two Taylor Paul regularly posts videos about her life and her family on the video platform, but the recent clip where she 'revealed her age' has left some of her followers scratching their heads.

Taylor Paul real age TikTok
Taylor Paul's 'twins' video has been viewed over 25M times. Photo: TikTok

"Meet my twin daughters," Taylor writes on the video that's been viewed almost 25M times.

She can be seen dancing, before two women join her on either side and their 'ages' flash on the screen - 25, 50 and 25 respectively.

"My blonde baby girls," she added in the caption.

Given her seemingly ageless appearance, her followers couldn't believe that she was apparently 50 years old.


"I refuse to think that you're 50," one person commented.

"50??? What water are you drinking because I need some," was another shocked comment.

But all is not as it seems, with some of her regular followers pointing out that she is actually 27 years old, and the other women in the clip are her two 'mum' friends.

TikTok mum taylor paul 50 years
Taylor has posted a few videos 'being 50'. Photo: TikTok

"The fact that people actually believed those are her daughters," one person commented with a laughing emoji.

While another wrote: "Apparently she's joking and she's actually 27."

Indeed in another video, Taylor had told her followers she is born in 1994. But she has kept up the ruse with a few other clips, including one where she answers her 'ageless secrets', and many more using hashtags like #cougar.

But other clips show her real family - not a pair of 25 year old twins - but instead a significantly younger boy and girl, and hubby, aged 29.

According to a few comments, the '50 ruse' started off the back of a troll comment and Taylor just decided to roll with it.

Taylor Paul real age and family on TikTok
Taylor is actually in her late 20s and has two young children. Photo: TikTok

A few people however didn't think she should be lying about her age, even if it was all a joke.

"Some people have this app as a way to relate to other mom's. I don't know why you'd lie on here for fun," one person commented.

While another agreed, simply writing: "Why though?"

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