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The steroid-free eczema range that gets rid of itchy, inflamed skin

The range was formulated by parents to help their daughter.

Eczema is sore, itchy and uncomfortable - and affects between 10 and 15 per cent of Aussies. It's often a lifelong condition with more than half of these sufferers showing signs before they reach one year old. Another 20 per cent of those with eczema develop it before they turn five.

Topical steroid treatments are often used to treat red inflamed skin, but many people find that when they stop using the treatment, their skin flares up and feels worse than before.

So, when parents Jai Uniyal and Aditi Mamtani's young daughter developed eczema, they wanted to find a solution to help her. As biochemists, they had an idea of what might work, and started to develop a formula that would soothe her itchiness.

The Curezma range
The Curezma range is steroid-free. Photo: Supplied

After three years of intensive research, the pair came up with Curezma; a steroid-free solution that focuses on the root causes of eczema, not just the symptoms.

The ingredients are over 90% naturally derived, and there are products for both adults and kids. The range includes a Hydrating Hypoallergenic Cleanser, an Intensive Ointment, a Barrier Repair Serum and an Anti-Flare Oil.


The products are designed to help the skin retain moisture for extended periods, as well as alleviate redness and inflammation. None of them contains steroids, parabens, sulfates, or preservatives.

Before and after pictures of baby with eczema and after treatment
The Curezma range has helped children get rid of itchy, sore eczema. Photo: Supplied

Parents are delighted with the results. "Daycare wanted to send my daughter home because of her eczema as if there was something wrong with her," says one mum. "I've been through an exhaustive journey with GPs and various creams. If I could take the eczema away, I would in a heartbeat. Curezma has made that a reality."

Another parent agrees: "Every time I applied the steroids I would feel sick to my stomach," she says. "Curezma changed that, bringing about an almost miraculous transformation. It has been such a long, sleepless, itchy and hard journey, and now I am feeling like we have a steroid-free solution. Within five minutes the inflammation was gone."

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