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The 'life-changing' pillow helping mums-to-be get a good night's sleep

The adjustable pillow is helping expectant mums get some proper rest.

Pregnancy can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time. While everyone experiences pregnancy differently, there's one thing nearly all expectant women have in common during the later stages of pregnancy: trouble getting comfortable when they're sleeping.

Now a new invention is helping tired pregnant women find comfortable sleep positions, enabling them to feel rested and comfortable.

"My best pregnancy purchase," says one happy customer. Another mum-to-be agrees: "I was struggling to sleep at night and was very uncomfortable. Now I'm falling asleep a lot quicker, finding comfort and support in my hips and back."

Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow,
The Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow is designed to prevent back sleeping. Photo: Supplied

The Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow, $139.95, is a three-piece adjustable pillow designed to help pregnant women with back pain. It also prevents back sleeping; something that's not recommended during pregnancy.

The shape of the pillow encourages side sleeping, while also providing support to alleviate pressure on the lower back, hips and bump.


The width is adjustable so you can increase it as your bump grows, to ensure support throughout your whole pregnancy. There's back support for those who don't move around a lot at night or a dual wedge option for people who like to turn over during the night.

Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow
The Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow is adjustable for different stages of pregnancy. Photo: Supplied

Made from supportive latex, it comes with removable, washable, anti-bacterial covers that are made from a soft, breathable bamboo blend to keep you cool and comfortable during the night.

It can also be converted for breastfeeding, supporting you in the side-lying position, or supporting your baby in the cradle or football hold position.

Expectant mums are relishing the comfort the pillow brings. "The perfect night's sleep. This is life-changing," says one relaxed parent-to-be. "It's so comfortable and supportive," says another. "It's worth every cent."

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