Libra Daily Horoscope – 14 March 2024

As the Moon enters its first quarter phase, you may feel the urge to start putting your plans into action, particularly if they are related to your finances. However, “Pisces Season” can often be a time of uncertainty and indecision. Whilst your intuition is in fine form, it is equally correct that you feel the need to be cautious. Move ahead with eyes wide open.
Finding it difficult to get through that long list of things you have yet to do? It can be hard to be motivated to get started when you don’t even know where to begin. This obstacle will be easier to overcome if you seek the advice of someone who is older and wiser. However, the second option is taking it easy for the next few days and waiting for a better moment to get started. Either way, enjoy a nice, hot bath and try not to worry.
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