Libra Daily Horoscope – 10 January 2023

So what does 2023 hold for you when it come to love? Read on!
Being a Libra, you were well and truly born to be in love. That said, the astrology of 2023 could see you feeling like it’s just easier to be on your own. Sure, it might be. But do you want an easy life or a life filled with love and the amazing highs and sometimes lows that it brings? There is a lot of healing in the air for you this year – and love – and you could even make up with an ex or heal an emotional wound left by them. The April and October’s eclipse herald amazing relationship shifts.
Power dates: January 15 – surprises in love or money possible.  April 20 – a  new love cycle begins. June 5 – don’t push too hard or the whole thing could blow!
Ready for a big year? Make sure you have this with you to guide you!

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