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LG's latest portable projector brings smart TV features beyond the living room

The CineBeam Smart Portable Projector has streaming apps and phone casting support.


LG just unveiled a portable projector for those who are willing to give up battery power in the name of image quality and features. The new PF510Q Smart Portable Projector is small and light enough to be carried one-handed at 5.8 inches across and 2.2lbs, but still throws a 1080p picture on your wall at sizes between 30 and 120 inches. More importantly, you won't need to plug in other devices. WebOS provides access to the usual streaming media apps, while AirPlay 2 and Screenshare support lets iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android users cast media. You can pair two Bluetooth devices to either share listening or connect to multiple wireless speakers.

This isn't LG's brightest portable projector at 450 lumens. It does offer a solid 150,000:1 contrast ratio, though, and the 30,000-hour light source life might spare you a costly replacement. A built-in 5W mono speaker is on hand if you can't connect your own audio setup. Automatic keystone correction, meanwhile, will save you from fussing with vertical angle adjustments.

The Smart Portable Projector is available now for $600. This won't compete with LG's flagship 4K CineBeam line or even many mid-range projectors, but that's not the point. The PF510Q is meant more to bring a smart TV experience to other parts of your home, or for dorms and other places where a large-screen TV just wouldn't be practical.