Leo Daily Horoscope – March 7 2020

Pick a card, any card!

There are no major planetary aspects so I am going old-school and picking a card for each sign. Remember, if you’re reading this, you’re reading it for a reason and the card is meant for YOU! So think of a question and …

Here is your card…

Have faith in your dreams. Don’t give up! The situation you’re asking about is still taking shape – you’re nowhere near the end of the story. Whatever is happening now is just a step along the way. As they say in the self-help classics, ‘Everything will be okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’ However, the Crescent Moon card is a reminder that you must still keep working towards whatever it is that you want. If you can’t take practical steps, spend time meditating on the question you’re asking about and allow your Higher Self to download information to you about your best next step. Overall this card suggests there is every reason to be hopeful for a very positive outcome to the situation you’re asking about, so keep the faith!
Affirmation “I am focused on what I want.”

Additional meanings for this card

 Just because you can’t see your dreams, it doesn’t mean they’re not manifesting  Don’t look back – stay focused on moving forwards  Be patient as events unfold  Dig a little deeper to find more courage  Sometimes you have to chase your dreams
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