Lemon Pepper Is The Citrusy Ingredient That Will Transform Your Fries

Lemon pepper in a bowl
Lemon pepper in a bowl - Veronika Idiyat/Shutterstock

French fries are a perfect blank canvas waiting to be customized. Whether you like them with just a little salt or sprinkled with a Cajun spice, they are perfect. It is hard to beat those shoe string or wedge slices of potato fried until they have a golden brown, crunchy exterior. Coupled with the fluffy, soft interior, fries are nirvana for the taste buds. However, if you want to really amp up the flavor, you should give them a shake of lemon pepper.

This citrusy ingredient will transform your air fryer French fries or simple home fries and the good news is you can make it yourself or find it in the spice aisle of your favorite grocery store. How does it work? Slice up your potato of choice -- a good Russet or Idaho potato is a good place to start if you don't have a preference. Pro tip: if you want a less starchy French fry that won't stick to other fries as they cook, soak the sliced, diced, or cut up potato in cold water for about 20 minutes. Dry them off and then sprinkle them with a little oil, salt, and the pièce de résistance, lemon pepper. You won't need more than a tablespoon.

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Make A Meal Out Of Your Lemon Pepper Fries

French fries seasoned with lemon pepper
French fries seasoned with lemon pepper - JOYFULLIFE/Shutterstock

The lemon pepper is going to give you a little tang as you nosh on this crispy, crunchy, savory fries. It won't be the same as a fresh lemon taste, but you will still experience that citrusy punch that is synonymous with all things lemon. Dry seasonings can be added before or after cooking, so if you don't want to add the lemon pepper seasoning before you cook your fries with your method of choice, you can always do it afterwards. This is great if you have picky eaters. You can season some for yourself and leave the others plain.

Make these fries for a Sunday brunch and pair them with lemony hollandaise on eggs benedict. That way, you can use any leftover sauce to dip these babies in. Lemon pepper French fries are also great alongside your favorite burger, grilled cheese, or even a perfectly grilled steak. So, the next time you want to give your fries a sophisticated taste, break out the lemon pepper. Your mouth will thank you.

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