Is Leftover Steak Tartare Safe To Eat?

Steak tartare on plate
Steak tartare on plate - Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Steak tartare tends to divide many. Some can't get enough of the delicacy, while others are uneasy about its safety — after all, the dish's main component is raw beef. Finely minced, the steak tends to be seasoned with anything from capers and cornichons to hot sauce and Dijon mustard. Occasionally, a raw egg yolk might even make the cut. Given this unique combination of ingredients, it's fair to wonder whether tartare can be consumed without worry. The question becomes all the more pressing when it comes to leftovers.

Nothing is without its risks. Unlike ground beef, however, fresh tartare usually doesn't raise many concerns. Although consuming raw beef can heighten your exposure to bacteria and viruses like E. coli (and salmonella, if raw eggs are used), McGill University reports that when measures are taken to ensure quality, these risks are reduced. That said, there is still a time stamp on raw delicacies, which is why leftovers should be treated with caution. As a result, dining on tartare from a few days ago is a definite no-go.

Steak tartare is best enjoyed as soon as it's prepared. As leftovers rest idle, they can experience a change in color, texture, and flavor. Safety is also at stake since harmful bacteria can flourish when leftovers are subject to other contaminants or warm temperatures. Additionally, because it's not possible to safely extend shelf life with proper storage, the best policy is to avoid eating any leftover steak tartare.

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What To Do (And Not Do) When You're Left With Leftovers

Steak tartare next to ingredients
Steak tartare next to ingredients - Natalia Lisovskaya/Shutterstock

Once steak tartare has been prepared, aim to enjoy the dish right away. Ideally, this means digging into the delicacy within a span of a couple of hours. But, don't fret if you find yourself left with an abundance of tartare that wasn't eaten. There are ways to remedy the situation without having to toss meat into the bin. To reduce waste and get your money's worth, it's simply a matter of getting creative with your leftovers.

As long as you've purchased high-quality beef from a reputable butcher and have kept the tartare as cold as possible during storage and handling, the raw beef can easily be repurposed. Yet, rather than use the meat in another raw preparation, we recommend cooking up whatever is left, preferably within a period of 24 hours. Although this option does depend on how heavily seasoned and sauced the steak is, the mince can make an incredibly flavorful base for mini meatballs or beef sliders. Just remember that even "leftover" leftovers will only last for so long.

Ultimately, the best way to deal with extra tartare is to eliminate the potential of leftovers in the first place. Instead of stocking up on the steak, plan accordingly and purchase only what you need so that everything gets eaten, which with a tasty steak tartare recipe, should be easy enough to do!

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