"It Took Me More Watches Than Any Other Movie To Understand It": 19 People Are Recalling The Film That Made Them Feel Beyond Confused On The First Watch

Have you ever watched a movie for the first time and couldn't understand the premise for the life of you? Well, when Reddit user u/IDontLikePayingTaxes asked: "What movie did you not understand well enough until the second time around?" a lot of people were vocal on the matter. Here's what they had to say below:

1."The Big Lebowski. I had assumed because of how much people talk about it that the story would be bursting with over-the-top comedy, and it left me pretty confused. It wasn’t until subsequent viewings that I realized how subtly infused every single line in the movie is. Now, when I watch it, I find myself quoting nearly the entire movie. Lol."

2."The Prestige gets better with every re-watch."

3."Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. The first viewing I was distracted marveling at the oddness and the acting. During the second viewing, I was able to properly take in the story, and I ADORE the movie."

4."Donny Darko. Upon a second watch, I finally understood the premise of the movie. It's still a classic."

5."The Big Short."

6."Fight Club. It took me more watches than any other movie to understand it. It might be one of the most misunderstood movies, especially online. It's definitely worth a re-watch if you don’t understand the purpose of the commentary and what each character represents to the protagonist."

7."Us. The first time I watched it in theaters, I found it hard to follow. I watched it again recently, and I think the big key to me getting it was subtitles. I couldn’t understand what Red was saying and missed lots of little things that made the plot better and more intense. Great movie."

8."I was ten when I first saw Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, and it was definitely not the right age for me to get what was going on. Years later, on a second viewing, I fell in love with it."

9."There Will Be Blood. I was bored as a 17-year-old and now it's possibly my favorite movie at 33. Lol."

10."My first thought was Training Day, but it took more than two viewings. I couldn't even pay attention enough to know that Alonzo was doing all that to pay a debt to Russian gangsters. But Denzel was so electric in it, I watched it for him. Now, I think of it as an allegory for where you, the audience member, would decide to give up your future in the face of all the things he puts Ethan Hawke through. And also, how easily bad people can use the system against young people with aspirations."

11."Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. To be honest, I’m still not sure if I understand it all."

12."Akira (1988). I actually had to read the whole manga and then rewatch the movie to really grasp what was going on."

13."Master and Commander."

14."The Fountain. It took a few watches honestly."


16."Arrival totally baffled me the first time I saw it and proceeded to blow my mind the second time when I caught onto the timeline sequencing. Fantastic movie!"

17."Primer. Although I'm not sure two views were enough."

18."Interstellar. The multidimensional part was getting too complex to follow the first time around. The second time I was able to process it."

19."The Matrix."

Is there a movie you had to watch twice to understand the premise? If so, tell us what it is and why in the comments below.