I Learned the Best Tip for Avocados at My Old Job

You'll never make guacamole the same way again.



To me, avocados are one of god's gift to man. I know, I know, I sound like a millennial who will never buy a house (hint: it's because I am one!), but they are a thing of beauty—buttery, rich, refreshing, and perfectly creamy. I challenge you to find one dish that a few slices of fresh avocados wouldn't improve. I also know they're not cheap; yes, guac is extra, but it's worth it! That's why it irks me to my core when people don't treat avocados with respect.

To me, an under-seasoned avocado is like a wasted opportunity. Luckily, I learned a tip at my old job that ensures I never encounter one again.

The Best Tip for Avocados, According to a Chef

Before I started working at Allrecipes, I learned many of my culinary tips, tricks, and techniques while working on a cooking show called "The Kitchen" for four years. We had several celebrity chef hosts, and over the years, I picked up so many little kernels of kitchen knowledge from their collective decades of experience. But there's one I think about on a near-weekly basis.

Each time I slice into a perfectly ripe, gorgeous green avocado, I think of a piece of advice Chef Geoffrey Zakarian taught me on set one day; "Avocados can take a lot of salt." He went on to explain that avocados are super rich with a creaminess that coats the palate, so they can withstand—and, arguably, need–more seasoning than people would assume.

After I learned that tip, I couldn't help but notice under-seasoned avocado toasts left and right. Or, when friends would ask me to taste their guacamole, they'd inevitably taste bland. They were all lacking salt (and acid).

Salt is such an important tool in cooking, and it works to emphasize other flavors in a dish (think of it like the best wingman ever). Without it, things can taste lackluster, or just generally muted. So, next time you're making an avocado dip or salad, and it's missing that je ne sais quoi, that's probably just salt—and maybe a little lime juice, too.

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