Lay’s Sweetens Up Its Lineup With New Flavor Inspired by International Market: ‘Better Late Than Never’

Lay's potato chips packs seen in a Target superstore.

Lay's it debuting yet another new flavor for its fans.

Adding to the ever-growing lineup of products, the brand unveiled it's bringing forth a Honey Butter flavored chip, pulling inspiration from Korean culture.

On Sunday, May 5, Instagram food blog candyhunting shared the news in a post, alongside a photo of the new product.

"Lay's Honey Butter chips are out now at Costco!" the post captioned opened, further sharing details of the launch. "The chips are 'Inspired by Flavors of Korea.' Honey Butter Chips made by Calbee were first launched in South Korea in 2014. (Yes, there was a similar product called Happiness Butter Potato Chips in Japan, but those contained parsley and didn't gain traction at the time.)"

It continued: "The Korean Honey Butter Chips were a huge success and eventually became known worldwide. Lay's obviously made their own version, as did American grocers like Trader Joe's and Meijer. Ten years later, here we have Lay's Honey Butter chips intended for North America. They are out at Costco in the US and many retailers (Loblaw owned stores, Food Basics, etc) in Canada."

According to The Korea Times, the popular item became all the rage in mainstream Korean culture in 2014, when people were clamoring to get their hands on them. "Many shops have sold out of the product, prompting people to hunt for the chip and vent their frustrations online when they can't find any," the outlet shared at the time.

Now, with the news that it's available in the U.S., many fans are excited to try out the sweet snack for themselves.

"I had some honey butter chips with ridges years ago they were absolutely delicious I hope these are as well 😍," one excitedly penned, while another admitted, "Ohhhh I’m excited. Those honey butter chips were addictive."

"Oooh I’m excited to try these!!!" a third exclaimed, as a fourth chimed in with, "Those Meijer ones changed my life."

Someone else was convinced the release is "better late than never," making it seem as if this move is long overdue.

Lay's has given its fans plenty to look forward to as of late, after the brand launched an unexpected Pepsi Wild Cherry flavor just days ago, as well as a bold Salsa Fresca chip.

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