Mum defends spending $13k on son's first birthday party

How much is too much to spend on you’re little one’s very first birthday party?

An Aussie mum who spent nearly $13,000 on a lavish first birthday party for her son has defended the decision, saying it was ‘money well spent’.

Jackie Lam’s celebration for her baby boy Lachlan was so opulent that friends and family even compared the day to a wedding.

And despite admitting the bash was ‘over the top’, the 31-year-old, from Melbourne, stands by her decision to go all out.

Jackie Lam has admitted she went “over the top” with her son’s first birthday, spending $13 on a stunning party.Source: Supplied/JackieLam
However there’s a heartwarming reason why her and husband Ian wanted to make the day one to remember, with Lachy being born after suffering a devastating miscarriage. Source: Facebook/JackieLam

“Everyone’s perception of what ‘lavish’ is differs,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Perhaps my son’s birthday was ‘too much’ for some, yet maybe not to others.”

Explaining that one of her ‘pet hates’ is kids parties that are more for the adults, Jackie set to work planning the major milestone when Lachie was just two-months-old.

“I’ve always loved parties, or to find a reason to celebrate and go over-the-top,” she said, adding her and hubby Ian love to ‘live in the moment’.

“We may not have the deepest pockets but we believe where money is well spent and for the right reasons, we’ll make it work.”

Despite being a ‘huge party lover’, there was also a heartwarming reason why they wanted to go all out.

Little Lachy was a ‘rainbow baby’, born after the tragic loss of their first bub by miscarriage.

She hired a waterfront Melbourne restaurant and kitted it out with balloons and handcrafted decorations. Source: Supplied/JackieLam
There was heaps of entertainment, including a soft play area and a lively ball pit for the kids. Source: Supplied/JackieLam

“With so much to celebrate, who wouldn’t want to try and mark it with a kick-ass party?” Jackie said.

The doting mum booked a stunning waterside venue, big enough for 125 Adults and 50 children, putting on food and drink — including booze — for her attendees.

While the adults ate from a buffet version the restaurant’s usual offerings, Jackie worked with the chef to create a special menu for the kids that included slider burgers, mini pizzas, fish and chips and salads.

There was also a fully-loaded dessert station, which featured mini eclairs, tarts, chocolate logs, mango mouse cakes and macaroons.

As well as a dessert table with heaps of mini favourites, there was also a stunning birthday cake, complete with an adorable cake topper of their son. Source: Supplied/JackieLam
There was a professional photographer on hand to capture precious moments, such as Lachy with dad Ian. Source: Supplied/JackieLam

“Everyone was waiting for the desserts to just eat and let loose,” Jackie said, adding there was also a beautiful birthday cake.

Each food item was adorned with cute crowns, with Jackie confessing to spending hours in the lead up to the party painstakingly hand-crafting those all-important finishing touches.

On the day, she went in hours before her guests arrived to dress the room with balloons, lights and to set up a gift table.

The fun didn’t stop there, with Jackie hiring entertainment for everyone to enjoy, from a face painter and balloonist for the kids to a photobooth for the adults and there was even a ball pit.

Of course, the whole event was captured by a professional photographer, to make sure she and Ian didn’t miss a moment.

Jackie said while the $13,000 she spent was a lot of money, it was “well spent”. Source: Supplied/JackieLam
There was even a gift table for the birthday boy. Source: Supplied/JackieLam

“Well, if you’re going to do a birthday party, you’ve got to do it properly,” she said.

Since hosting the party, Jackie has launched her own events planning service, A Peachy Affair, because she loved it so much.

And while she doesn’t agree with people who criticise her for spending $12,650 on the party, she’s not letting it faze her.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but for us it was something we felt was worth it, but we acknowledge that it’s a lot of money,” she finished. “But there’s no right or wrongs in this.”

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