Kylie Kelce Gives Blunt Opinion on Travis and Jason's 'New Heights' Podcast

Kylie Kelce, Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce

Kylie Kelce didn't hold back when talking about the authenticity of her husband Jason and his brother TravisNew Heights podcast.  

While speaking with Glamour for a feature story published on Monday, Jan. 29, the 31-year-old was quite candid when the topic of the Kelce brothers' podcast, which she's been a guest on numerous times, came up.

"I have no filter, and people think they’re getting the inside scoop when I appear on the podcast," she said. "But the boys rat themselves out every single week."

Kylie didn't exaggerate when she claimed the boys tell on themselves. In fact, fans have learned quite a bit about the two since they started keeping up with the weekly podcast.

From what Jason will and will not order during his McDonald's run, to their favorite type of Girl Scout Cookies, how they rank popular cereals, and all the details behind the Philadelphia Eagles center's first date with his now-wife, other revelations made while recording episodes of New Heights included Taylor Swift's first impression of the tight end's brother, as well as jokes about their retirement plans.

They've even used the platform to clear up rumors that were "miscommunicated," and set the record straight regarding viral moments misinterpreted by fans.

"They’re very self-aware individuals," she told the outlet. "It’s kind of entertaining."

Kylie also joked that maybe one day in the future, she and her mother-in-law Donna would team up for a podcast that rivals that of Travis and Jason's.

"I think that there would have to be some very extenuating circumstances for me to step into that situation. I don’t know that we ever will, but if we do, it would be some ridiculous storytelling about those boys," she quipped.

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