Krispy Kreme and Oreo Team Up for Limited-Time Menu Item Honoring the Solar Eclipse

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store sign

On Monday April 8, a total solar eclipse will cast a shadow over parts of the U.S.—and plenty of fast food chains are jumping on the bandwagon of offering limited-time menu items in honor of the historic event. The latest to join in on the eclipse fun is Krispy Kreme.

Just in time for the cosmic event, Krispy Kreme has teamed up with Oreo to offer a Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut, food blogger Markie Devo shared via Instagram.

"Take me to your donuts!!👽🍩," Devo wrote on Saturday, March 30. "Krispy Kreme is getting down with the April 8th solar eclipse with an awesome Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut featuring OREO."

Although specific details are not yet available, he explained it "most likely" be an original glazed with cookies and cream icing and an original Oreo on top.

"Get this for a limited time at participating Krispy Kreme locations April 5th to the 8th.👀," Devo wrote, noting the ad says one dozen will be $18,00, but prices may vary based on location.

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In the comments, Instagram users reacted to the limited-time donut honoring the solar eclipse.

One person wrote, "Every space themed doughnut has been the greatest thing ever. I'm so excited for this!"

Another Instagram user joked, "Ahh! I can’t look directly at the eclipse without my solar glasses. Either way these look so cool!"

Meanwhile, someone else declared, "Gonna be a big day😍😍."

What do you think of Krispy Kreme's collab with Oreo for the eclipse?

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