Kris Jenner Makes Her Super Bowl Debut With Nostalgic Commercial

Television personality Kris Jenner during the Bloomberg Screentime event in Los Angeles, California, US, on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023. The event gathers moguls, celebrities, and entrepreneurs to discuss the future of cinema, the boom in streaming audio and video, the latest sports and gaming experiences, and the potential impact of artificial intelligence. Photographer: Kyle Grillot/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Kris Jenner is teasing a new commercial that is set to air as her first Super Bowl spot during the game on Feb. 11.

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family is partnering with Oreo for the commercial. The sandwich cookie brand began teasing its Super Bowl ad star on Instagram earlier this week with a series of photos showing Jenner’s trademark blazers hanging on a clothing rack. “The iconic red blazer is set, now we wait for our celeb to show up,” Oreo said in the caption accompanying the photo. The brand later shared a short video clip showing a shadowy hand dunking an Oreo into a glass of milk. A block of text at the end of the clip read, “A twist is coming.”

On Wednesday, Oreo announced Jenner as the star of its commercial. A new Instagram photo showed what appeared to be Jenner’s chair on the set of the commercial shoot positioned in front of the blazers as a package of Oreos sat on the seat of the chair. “Lights, camera, TWIST!” the photo’s caption said.

Jenner shared a 15-second teaser clip for the commercial on Instagram, with Oreo sharing the same teaser clip on its YouTube page.

In it, Jenner removes cookies from Oreo packaging and stacks them carefully inside what appears to be a large, clear glass vase.

“How’d we get here?” Jenner says. “Well, to answer that, I’d have to go back to the beginning.”

Jenner then shows one Oreo to the camera before twisting the top half of the cookie off from its white inner filling. As she separates the cookie, text appears over the video that reads, “It all starts with a twist.”

Jenner—donning her iconic pixie cut—chuckles and ends the teaser by saying, “I’d better go warn the kids.”

The video appears to take the audience back in time to 2007, according to a Wednesday press release, which is the year that Jenner’s reality TV show with her family, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, began airing.

Oreo’s parent company, Mondelez International, first announced back in December that the cookie brand will have a 30-second Super Bowl LVIII commercial. The ad starring Jenner is set to air during the second quarter. This will be Oreo’s second-ever ad to air during the Super Bowl following the brand’s first in 2013.

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