Kourtney Kardashian's bob is so shiny it looks like literal glass hair

Kourtney Kardashian is widely seen as being the most natural of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and no we don't just mean her food standards campaigning, Erewhon diet and propositions of sugar-free Candyland parties (we hear you though because sugar fuelled kids are terrifying). No, we mean her effortlessly natural beauty lewks, her fresh face, and her lack of apparent tweakments. But one thing the firstborn makes very clear, is that natural can throw down when it comes to glam 😍.

I will never complain about the glorious wigged and dyed joy delivered by her sisters, of bum-skimming waves or elaborate beehives, but Kourt just posted with her natural dark tresses in the sleekest glass hair bob and it's giving me shivers.

We've seen lots of the glass hair trend on long silky lengths, but Kourtney just showed how amazing it looks on short hair too. Parted deeply to one side and slicked down, it's so glossy it literally looks like water. Like molten metal. Just look at that blinding shine. Not a hair out of place.

We're dying to know what gloss treatment or styling product has achieved this level of mirror shine. But can't forget she's naturally blessed with thick dark hair from both parents, plus her enviable mane benefits from being undyed virgin hair, from its short length, and undoubtedly from her commitment to nutrition.

A wise woman once said; 'fundamentals are the building blocks of fun', and honestly the best secret to any gorgeous hair look is healthy hair.

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