Kourtney Kardashian's Unfrosted Birthday Cake Is Such A Crime Against Desserts, I Can't Even

This year, Kourtney Kardashian Barker seemed to celebrate her birthday all week instead of just one day.

Kourtney Kardashian in a glittery jacket on a red carpet event

Like a true Aries.

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She turned 45 on April 18, and on Wednesday, she went out for breakfast at IHOP with family and friends.

Closeup of Kourtney Kardashian eating a dessert
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“Birthday breakfast,” Kourtney wrote on Instagram next to a photo of hot chocolate.

A cup with a 'Kourtney Kardashian' print, hefty whipped cream on a drink, and an IHOP summer menu

The celebration included a tabletop floral display, chocolates, and personalized mugs with the words “Kourt x IHOP" on them.

Screenshot from Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram post

It also featured a large birthday cake, but not just any old cake.

Closeup of Kourtney Kardashian eating French fries
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This one had barely any icing on it, with only a few strategically placed blueberries and some kind of yellow adornments that my eyes are too bad to identify.

Kourtney Kardashian sitting in front of her cake

At first, I thought the baker had run out of icing or something, but nope! It was on purpose. It's supposed to be a naked cake. They usually have minimal icing around the sides and bare layers, letting the cake's natural texture and filling speak for themselves.

Closeup of Kourtney Kardashian on her birthday

On one hand, I wanna say it's unique. On the other, I'm wondering, "WHY?!"

Kourtney Kardashian in a skeleton onesie at a birthday event with cake and candles, indoors

I just wanna take my cake spatula and even out the frosting...and then add more...

Kourtney Kardashian celebrates, smiling at a cake with candles, in a casual outfit with sunglasses

But as long as Kourtney liked it!