Konrad Bien-Stephen reacts to The Bachelors 2023 best moments

The Bachelorette fan favourite Konrad Bien-Stephen sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack episodes 8 and 9 of 'The Bachelors' 2023.

Video transcript

KONRAD BIEN-STEPHEN: I mean, first of all, it's just kind of triggering the PTSD. Hi, I'm Konrad Bien-Stephen from season 7 of "The Bachelorette".

- This is about you, you know, finding the right person, so there's no hard feelings.

- I know, but I think you're amazing.

- I think you're amazing too.

KONRAD BIEN-STEPHEN: Today, I'm recapping the biggest moments of episode 8 and 9 of "The Bachelors 2023" with Yahoo Lifestyle.

- I can't continue.

- Yeah. Are you sure?

- Hmm.

- OK. So nothing I say is going to change your mind, or even if I-- I don't know, date and prove nothing, like, just you're done? You're really done?

- I think I am.

KONRAD BIEN-STEPHEN: He thinks he is. He thinks he's done.

- I am.

KONRAD BIEN-STEPHEN: I mean, first of all, it's just kind of triggering the PTSD. It's a little bit awkward, isn't it? I mean, I don't know. I think if I was in that position, if someone had decided to leave, yeah, I think that's kind of where it would have ended for me to. You'd have to think, why did they leave? Why are they coming back? What's the intention of it? He doesn't even really know that. Well, let's be honest. So if she's already bailing on him, then yeah.

- We're just wanting to understand, so you make it to the end. You fit into a relationship--

- Yeah.

- What would you want in that relationship? Like what ideally is going to work for you? What you think of the future? Like, was--

- Ideally, like, if I was to walk out of here with Felix, my goal would be for it just to be him and I and to discover that relationship organically. But what I'm saying is that I would want a partner who would be open to--

- The possibility of an open relationship.

- The possibility of an open relationship in the future. Like, you know, those cookies at, like, hen's parties, where it's like one dig forever?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Like, I don't know if I could have him.

- Yeah, no I get that.

- That particular one--

- I get that.

KONRAD BIEN-STEPHEN: What about Damian? I totally understand the ethical non-monogamy side of things, even though I'm in a monogamous relationship now. I've been in open relationships before. And I think, you know, that it can be very fluid in what you want. And being open about that and talking about it, very important,

I guess if Felix picks her, does he then know if he has a partner or not or if they-- yeah. It's very interesting. I can understand that her saying that after this, you know, to organically date and see where it goes.

I mean, I think that was my downfall in my season because I, sort of, wasn't very much like we're going to be together forever. And this is how it's going to be. I think I said, we'd go to cafes and I'd make-- I'd make Brooke breakfast burritos, you know.

You've got to keep dating, you know, like it's very quick. Everything's happening really quick. I just-- I find that so interesting that she still has a boyfriend on the outside.

I wonder if she makes it to, you know, the final day she's accepted, if Damian will come in and he'll try and stop it and have his own ring. And then she will have to pick out of those two and it'll be like a-- it's important to have the conversation and to, kind of, I guess, normalize it. You know, there's nothing wrong with his-- the many different relationship dynamics, you know. It's kind of like if someone has an issue with it, it's kind of like what? Does it have to do with you? You know.

So do I wish I had have spoken about it? I mean, yeah, sure why not. It would have just to get a bit more airtime and to create more of that. Not airtime for me, but airtime for that conversation. Do you know what I mean?

So I like to question people on why they have an issue with it. And it normally comes down to either their own insecurities or their own wants from a relationship, which is funny because it has nothing to do with somebody else's relationship. So why are you against it?

I didn't have the conversation with Brooke about it. Yeah, I don't know why I didn't. I think at that time, again, very much you're focused on this person. You're putting them on the pedestal and it's all about them. So I guess I wasn't really thinking about that, you know.

- Decision comes down to Tilly and Krystal. And to be honest, I do not know which way I'm going to go.

- Felix. I can't lose you. I want to say that this-- I want to see the scars. I don't want this to end here.


- Krystal, will you accept this rose?

KONRAD BIEN-STEPHEN: Can you hear it? Can you hear Tilly crying or--

- It just wasn't meant to be.


- And that's so, so fun.

KONRAD BIEN-STEPHEN: I feel so sad. I mean, and having it played out on national TV, that's I feel for her. I hope she's OK now. Tilly, I hope you're OK. That's hard to have everyone there around there like that. I think I don't know if they're not showing it, but I did shed a little tear in the limousine out of there.

It is quite hard because I think you start to, you know, you kind of start to feel really bad about yourself because it's all about them picking somebody so you, kind of, start to become, I don't know, your self-esteem drops, obviously, like whenever you're kind of rejected so.

After going on these dates and having been quite special and having people pamper over you just because it is a TV production. So there are makeup artists there. There are stylists there, camera people, and you're on your date. And you're really getting along with this person and it's special. And then all of a sudden, that's over. You know, it's pretty sad. And then you, kind of, stuck there thinking, well, I suck. Why did they not pick me, you know?