'Kondo-ing' could be the harshest new dating trend yet

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Thanks to her best-selling book and new Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, a whole bunch of people around the world have been doing some intense tidying up and getting their homes in tip top shape.

But while the show focuses on the best way to clear out the clutter in your house, her KonMari method has worked its way into helping people in other parts of their lives.

Apparently people have now taken the KonMari method into the world of dating, deciding to drop their other halves once they don’t ‘spark joy’ anymore.

It may be the harshest dating trend yet. But according to dating website Plenty of Fish it’s becoming increasingly popular.

“[People] are no longer just sweeping their love lives under the carpet,” the site’s relationship expert said.

“Singles are taking action to spruce up their dates and relationships.”

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Aside from the dating world, the KonMari method could also be just what you need to get other aspects of your life in order as well.

Your emails

From random newsletters (not including our amazing newsletter which you can subscribe to here) and shopping sales spam to a whole bunch of things you don’t even remember signing up for, our inboxes can get so unbelievable cluttered these days.

So grab on your computer, open up your inbox and start deleting and unsubscribing!

And as Marie suggests with physical paperwork, you need a simple filing system for the messages that actually have a place in your inbox.

Your social media

So many of us feel like we will be missing out on everything if we dared to step away from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, but Marie doesn’t think this is an excuse to keep things the same.

“Don’t worry — you will always be connected with the people you have special relationships no matter what,” she says.

So sit yourself down and go through your following list. Is it someone you talk to/care about? Does following that account or fan page spark joy for you?

You don’t have to delete them, most apps have the option to “mute” or “hide” profiles that you don’t want to see as much.

Like she suggests with your emails, maybe it’s time to set a dedicated time per day to browse your social media. That way you’ll be free to do more important things that spark joy in your real life.

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