I Know It's Wrong To Laugh, But These Extremely Dumb Things People Posted On The Internet Last Month Are Absolutely Killing Me

1.On art history:

Telling someone "You look like an art piece from the rain and sauce era" instead of Renaissance and then "correct" it to "ray and sorts" and "rein a source"
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2.On being born:

"A c-section birth is...birth."

3.On the beauty of nature:

"The appalachian mountains memorise me"

4.On pregnancy:

"I couldn't be a Sarah get mother unless ya baby daddy finna be my man my whole pregnancy"

5.On true beauty:

"Mexico was so urethral"

6.On the Earth:

"How did Hollywood know what the Earth looked like before NASA?" with image of a 1927 globe and "A Universal Picture" promo inside it

7.On language:

"Can Italians, Spanish, and French ppl understand each other," "these are 3 different languages," and "American and English and Australian are different language too they still understand each other"

8.On technology:

"Is there an app where you can take a photo of your tv and it uses fecal recognition to tell you who the actor is?"

9.On my man Joseph:

"Band joe for $250" with image of a banjo

10.On dogs:

"Looking for a local dog wanker for during the week."

Well, then.


11.On remembering the good old days:

"I keep all this stuff too; I also think it's more of a scent of mental thing and not because one is having feminine urge lol"

12.On the countries of Africa:

"that ain't a country that's a direction"

13.On secrets and rumors:

"Just because she puts her side on TikTok doesn't mean it's gospel; we have no idea what goes on behind clothes doors"

14.On things from the past:

"What in carnation were we thinking?" with image of an infinity reusable cloth hand towel in a public bathroom

15.On fractions:

"9 out of 10 is the same thing as 19 out of 20, dunce"

16.On piercings:

"Would a nose rectum piercing suite me"

17.On multiplication:

"I paid him $10,000 every day he stayed in this grocery store w/o leaving" w/response: "I would stay here for 11 days only and make 1.1 million: $10,000 x 11 days = $1,1000,000

18.On that pesky juggler:

"What will kill us in the playoffs: deep ball coverage, quarterbacks who can run, failing to go for the juggler and allowing teams to hand around, special teams coverage, abandoning the run game, and field goal kicker"

19.On identification:

Photo of a small insect with text, "Is that a crust asian?"

20.On Wales:

Text exchange: "Technically Wales is not a country," "Wales is very much a country," "Name one thing that makes it a country?" "Having its own identify, culture, national anthem, flag," and "Texas has own flag, my neighbor has own flag"
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21.On breaking the bad news:

"Hate to burst your bottle buddy but a lot of people like him"

22.On announcements:

"Cervix announcement guys."

23.On that salty drink we all know and love:

"Well I finally tried to add bacon soda to my wings to make them crisper — hubby did not like them at all; won't do it again!"
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24.On problem people:

"Bro, you're a medicine society"
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25.On seeing:


26.On resurrections:

"that should be illegal!"
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27.On the stars in the sky:

"anyone tell me their consultations?"

28.On building materials:

"They are called CINDER blocks"

29.On weapons of war:

"Bone and arrow"

30.On ancient hunting:

"That animal weighed 5 tons"

31.On germs:

"Have you ever seen one without the aid of a 'microscope?'"

32.On bacteria:

"48 hours later you see this on the peach tree dish"

33.On survival:

"But we are still here without them?"

34.On apes:

"why are the apes that are still here not evolving into humans?"

35.On the coasts:

"No its not."

And on knitting:

Exchange: "It says this is crocheted but it looks knitted," "The terms mean the same thing," "No, crochet and knit are completely different; which did you use: a crochet hook or knitted needles?" "You're mistaken, they use crochet in US and knit in UK"


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