Get to Know Gordon Ramsay's Wife, Tana Ramsay

Tana Ramsay and Gordon Ramsay attend the GQ Food & Drink Awards at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel on April 5, 2023, in London. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Gordon Ramsay's wife, Tana Ramsay, has been by the Hell's Kitchen host's side for nearly three decades. During that time, the couple has had six children and Tana has experienced countless tantrums (from both Gordon and the kids)—though she says Gordon's tantrums are all in good fun. In fact, she says her hilariously hot-tempered husband is actually a big softie underneath all of his bravado and belligerence in the kitchen (which anyone who's watched Master Chef Junior or the second half of any episode of Kitchen Nightmares could tell you).

Tana told The Telegraph in 2016, "Gordon just loves winding people up. Absolutely loves it. You have to understand him to know what he’s like, and I understand him absolutely."

Get to know the woman who won Gordon Ramsay's heart.

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How did Gordon Ramsay and his wife meet?

When Gordon Ramsay first met Tana, she was in a relationship with someone else ... and she absolutely couldn't stand Gordon.

She told The Guardian that when she met Gordon for the first time at a New Year's Eve party that she thought he was a "complete arrogant arse." It wasn't until she met him again by chance years later that she softened her opinion enough to go out with him.

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When did Gordon Ramsay and Tana get married?

The Ramsays tied the knot on Dec. 21, 1996. On their 25th anniversary in 2021, Tana showed off how well she still fits into her wedding dress, despite being married to one of the best chefs on the planet.

On their 27th anniversary, Gordon gushed that Tana is an "amazing woman, wife, mother." Cute!

What does Gordon Ramsay's wife do?

Tana is a former Montessori school teacher and also worked as a food editor for Grazia magazine and even owned a salon from 2011 to 2023. She's also the author of three cookbooks, Tana Ramsay's Family Kitchen, Tana's Kitchen Secrets and I Love to Bake.

She told the Toronto City News that she and Gordon's style in the kitchen couldn't be more different, but that when they're home with their family, he prefers her cooking to his.

She explained, "I've never been trained as a chef. I take forever to chop an onion or a carrot compared to [Gordon], but it's my way of real family food. Our dishes are completely different, and it's the home cooking he wants when he's at home."

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Did Gordon Ramsay's wife have a baby?

On Nov. 11, 2023, Gordon announced that he and Tana welcomed a baby boy named Jesse to their family — and Gordon said it would be their last, writing, "3 boys, 3 girls...DONE."

Who did Gordon Ramsay have kids with?

Gordon and Tana share six children: eldest daughter Megan, born in 1998; twins Holly and Jack, born in 2000; daughter Matilda (nicknamed Tilly), born in 2001; son Oscar, born in 2019 and son Jesse, born in 2023.

Tana told PEOPLE that fatherhood has definitely softened the famously foul-mouthed chef, at least at home.

"We go long periods of time when we don’t have all the kids home, and then when we are all together having dinner, Gordon will say, ‘It’s really nice to have everyone here.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh God, watch out! He’s going to cry!’"

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Does Gordon Ramsay live with his wife?

Tana and Gordon Ramsay live together in London, but also have a home base in Los Angeles when Gordon is filming. When Gordon has to travel for work, he makes it very clear that he misses his wife: She's said he's known to call her "about 25 times a day" when they're apart.

"When it comes to our busy schedules, people say, ‘It must be hard having to be apart so often,’" she told PEOPLE. "It is, but I feel really lucky that I still get butterflies when we haven’t seen each other for a few weeks. I never want to take that for granted—even with all these kids to worry about. We have a lot of fun." Awww!

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