Kmart shoppers go wild for $35 dupe of $1900 vintage lamp

Kmart has done it again with their dupe of an expensive designer lamp.

Glass mushroom lamps are huge at the moment with a lot of homeware stores bringing out a version, but the original Italian Murano glass lamp from the 1970s by designer Gambaro e Poggi can retail upwards from $1900 depending on the shape and colour.

Now trusty discount department store Kmart has released its own version of the lamp for just $35 and it has already sold out.

A screenshot of the white mushroom lamp being sold out on the Kmart website
Aussies can't get enough of the $35 Kmart mushroom lamp. Photo: Kmart

The lamps have been a huge favourite with numerous homeware and shopping influencers featuring it on their Insta and TikTok pages.

"The infamous Kmart light and it lives up to the hype," Shani Dayna wrote on her TikTok video, admitting she picked up the last one in her local store.

Her video has been watched over half a million times by home decor fans eager to get their hands on the cute on-trend lamp.

"What the heck! I'm leaving now to go buy this haha," one person commented.

"They all out of stock nooo!!! It’s my dream lamp," another follower wrote while one lady who appeared to work at Kmart wrote: "The amount of people coming in asking for it and having to explain it’s outastock!"

Her followers were also impressed by her use of a coloured smart globe in the lamp so that she could create different room vibes at the press of a button.

"Ooh I love this! The coloured bulb is everything to this lamp," one lady wrote.

And Sharni wasn't the only one that was sharing her love of the designer-looking purchase.

"Run don't walk," Jasmine wrote in her TikTok video of the lamp which has been watched by almost 250,000 times.

"I spent 150 dollars on this one to look better. bye," one person commented on Jasmine's video.

"BRB running to kmarttt," another added.

"I need this so bad omg," a third wrote.

But with so much demand, it's no wonder that the lamp is currently out of stock both in-store and online.

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