'Amazing' $4 Kmart buy saving time, money and waste

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Happy shoppers have been taking to Facebook in droves to praise Kmart’s latest hot buy: an ‘amazing’ three-pack of reusable snack pouches.

The BPA-free ziplock bags come in large and standard sizes for a cheap and cheerful $5 and $4 respectively and are being touted as a multi-functional kitchen essential.

One satisfied snack pouch owner was so pleased with their purchases that they shared a snap showing how they’d put the bags to use.

This happy shopper uses their Kmart 3 pack of snack pouches to keep deli meat fresh. Photo: Facebook.

“I picked up these reusable snack pouches today for $4/$5 at Kmart, and they are perfect for storing deli meats. Wish I grabbed more,” they captioned a photo of the pouches containing a variety of sliced meats and cheese.

They went on to reveal where in the store they found the items - in the ‘lunchbox section’ - and to detail just how much you can fit into the bags.

“Smaller ones are holding 150g. Larger ones are holding 250g,” they wrote.

A fellow Facebook user hopped into the comments section to say that they use the pouches for the same purpose but have taken it one step further.

“These are great. Our Woolies lets us use this to pick up deli meats rather than using their plastics,” they wrote.

“Omg! Will have to get some!” remarked a fan.

Kmart 3 pack snack pouches are $5 for large (left) and $4 for standard. Photo: Kmart.

Others began revealing how they get the most out of their handy reusable bags, from handbag organisation to camping and, of course, meal prepping.

“They are SO GOOD. I've saved a couple of overripe bananas in the freezer already with them for banana bread. And the price is ridiculously cheap compared to what you can get on Amazon even,” wrote one.

“These are awesome! I use them as handbag inserts to keep my handbag semi manageable,” said another.

“More meal prep storage ideas,” remarked one.

“Not a bad idea for camping,” was another comment.

The snack pouches are a hit with little ones as well.

“Love mine & use for kids lunches too - kids prefer them too! Win!” wrote a pleased parent.

At 22.9cm (H) x 20.9cm (W), the large bags are apparently the perfect size for sandwiches.

The pouches are reusable and multifunctional. Photo: Kmart.

“I use these to freeze portions of meat. They're fabulous and easy to clean,” wrote another fan.

Speaking of cleaning, the snack pouches are not suitable for dishwasher and microwave use, or hot foods according to Kmart’s website.

But the seasoned pouch owners have shared their tips for washing and drying them by hand - use hot soapy water and wipe inside and out with a tea towel.

Or, try another Facebook user’s tip and ‘pop [the pouch] over the top of an upended glass’ to air dry.

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