Kmart $39 'game-changing' product shoppers are obsessed with: 'Run don't walk'

The handy gadget could have you saying goodbye to your iron and ironing board forever.

Kmart is whipping shoppers into a frenzy once again, and this time, it's all over a $39 handheld garment steamer customers are simply clamouring to get their hands on.

The item, hailed as a "game changer," is flying off the shelves as it's said to remove wrinkles and creases from clothing in just seconds.

Kmart shopper Kristy raved about the $39 handheld garment steamer
Kmart shopper Kristy raved about the $39 handheld garment steamer, dubbing it a "game-changer" for quick wrinkle removal. Photo: TikTok/@kristyypearce

The innovative gadget is proving to be a fantastic alternative for those on the go, eliminating the hassle of dealing with irons and bulky ironing boards. Compliance with Australian electrical safety standards ensures its safe use, while its ability to heat up to 98°C in just 30 seconds adds to its appeal.


Social media is buzzing with rave reviews, with one shopper, Kristy, exclaiming, "Kmart, you've done it again. Run, don't walk. This thing is a game changer."

In a video posted to TikTok, Kristy effortlessly tackled the wrinkles on a pair of pants she described as "pretty crinkled."

With excitement, she exclaimed, "It's so good, let me show you." Kristy then demonstrated the steaming process, and lo and behold, the wrinkles vanished before her (and our!) eyes.

Kmart steamer
The $39 product has over 200 glowing reviews online. Photo: Kmart

The handheld steamer features an 80mL water tank and two steam settings for continuous use, making it the perfect companion for freshening up clothes or bed linen in a flash. Shoppers have given the gadget with an impressive 4.4-star rating online.

According to reviews, the steamer heats up in seconds and boasts an ergonomic design. Customers are singing its praises, stating it's perfect for shirts, blouses, pants, or jumpers that need a quick touch-up. For lighter fabrics, it's hailed as a convenient and effective replacement for ironing.

One satisfied user exclaimed: "This is incredible, works so well and quickly. The water does run out fast, but that's not an issue. Simply fill it up and keep steaming."

Others praised its versatility, with one saying: "I don't really do much ironing except for button shirts when I need one or a dress. This works amazing on most of my fabrics. Easy, fast, and takes up little space. Highly recommend."

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