King of Netherlands Takes Bold Jab at Kate Middleton's Photo Controversy

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands may not have answers for conspiracy theorists worried over the whereabouts of Kate Middleton, but he certainly has a sense of humor.

Earlier this week, the Dutch monarch was asked about a photo that was taken of his family and shared by a group of children.

In response, the 56-year-old hit back with a joke seemingly aimed at Kensington Palace's decision to share a manipulated photo of the Princess of Wales with her children.

"Really?" he said. "In any case, I didn't Photoshop it!"

The ever-escalating situation the royals have found themselves at the center of, unfolded on what was Mother's Day in the United Kingdom after royal watchers believed Middleton to be "missing" following the lack of recent sightings since her hospitalization and the admission that the royal family's recent release of a "new" photo had been edited by the princess herself.

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Then, days later, another photo of the Princess of Wales, this time joined by husband Prince William, went viral for similar reasons as conspiracy theorists refused to believe it was an unaltered image of the royal couple.

The scandal, which several media personalities like Piers Morgan, Stephen Colbert and Whoopi Goldberg, as well as royal family members–including King Charles III, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle–have commented on, has since been dubbed "#KateGate."

Even a London-based public relations expert shared their perspective of the controversy, saying in only so many words that the palace's current strategy has only made things "worse."

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