What King Charles Really Thinks About the Kate Middleton Photo Scandal

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, and King Charles III.

Days after Kate Middleton's photo-editing scandal first picked up steam, we're finally hearing what the man in charge, King Charles, thinks of the whole ordeal.

The ever-escalating situation, which has now been dubbed "#KateGate," unfolded on what was Mother's Day in the United Kingdom after royal watchers believed her to be "missing" following the lack of recent sightings since her hospitalization and the admission that the royal family's recent release of a "new" photo had been edited.

Then, days later, another photo of the Princess of Wales, this time joined by husband Prince William, went viral for similar reasons as conspiracy theorists refused to believe it was an unaltered image of the royal couple.

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Now, we know from a source at Buckingham Palace who spoke with Harper's Bazaar for a piece published on Thursday, March 14, that the monarch is being “kept abreast” of the swirling rumors as he's currently undergoing cancer treatment. However, the source did note that, ultimately, the king “isn’t too concerned” about the situation.

He may be one of the few that are just brushing off the accusations, as the source also added, “Some staff can’t quite believe how badly [Kensington Palace] have cocked things up by not paying close enough attention to what was being released to the world. Didn’t anyone there think to check the photo before it went out?”

“[While] this is all rather unfortunate, there is also a sense that, despite the hysteria and fevered online response, it will also blow over soon,” the insider continued. “This is not the first storm to hit these parts!”

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