King Charles breaks royal rules for ‘extraordinary’ Christmas surprise

On top of the monarch’s Christmas address, the BBC will air a 90-minute “behind-the-scenes” documentary titled Charles III: The Coronation Year.

Video transcript

- King Charles is once again rewriting the royal rules, giving fans an extraordinary surprise this Christmas. On top of the monarch's Christmas address, the BBC will air a 90 minute behind-the-scenes documentary titled "Charles III: The Coronation Year." Narrated by "The Crown's" Helena Bonham Carter, the BBC promises to tell the story of the past 12 months from the inside looking out, revealing moments of great poignancy and humor.

The BBC's Kate Phillips said it has been a real privilege to be given such extraordinary behind the scenes access during a remarkable time in history. And claimed, "The documentary will offer a unique insight into King Charles and Queen Camilla." The last time access like this was granted was in June 1969, when Queen Elizabeth invited cameras into the Palace for a documentary called "Royal Family." However, the documentary was accused of breaking the mystique around the monarchy and was later banned by the late Queen. Will you be watching?