Kindergartner gets sweet in-flight ceremony after missing graduation

Kindergartner gets sweet in-flight ceremony after missing graduation (@flyfrontier / TikTok )
Kindergartner gets sweet in-flight ceremony after missing graduation (@flyfrontier / TikTok )

A kindergartener received a sweet graduation on a Frontier Airlines flight after missing his initial ceremony.

In a recent video posted to Frontier Airlines’ TikTok, Xavier could be seen walking down the aisle of the plane, wearing his red cap and gown. The crew member could be heard making an announcement over the intercom, explaining that the graduation was about to take place.

“We would like your help in helping Xavier,” the crew member said. “He is missing his kindergarten graduation today. And because he chose to fly Frontier instead, we’re giving him his graduation ceremony on this flight.”

Xavier went on to walk down the aisle of the plane, while all the passengers cheered and applauded him. The classical music march “Pomp and Circumstance” could be heard playing in the background, as some travelers also gave Xavier high-fives as he continued to walk toward the front of the plane.

In the caption, Frontier Airlines explained how the big event for Xavier came to be. “When Xavier missed his kindergarten graduation due to traveling out of town, our flight attendants stepped in to surprise him with a special in-flight ceremony,” the company wrote.

Many people also went on to the comments of the TikTok to praise the sweet graduation that Frontier had for Xavier.

“He will never forget this,” one wrote, while another added: “AWWWWWW. MY HEART MELTED, YOU GO FRONTIER FOR MAKING THIS KID’S LIFE ALL THAT MORE SPECIAL.”

A third agreed: “When companies do things like this, it makes my heart melt.”

Xavier’s mother, Jay, also posted the video to social media, where she expressed her gratitude to the airline company. “Thank you to @Frontier Airlines for making my son’s kindergarten graduation unforgettable,” she wrote in the caption of her TikTok video of the ceremony.

When posting the video on her Instagram, Jay explained why her son had to miss his initial graduation. “All that know me know the importance of my son’s activities, but due to a family event he missed his graduation. This was very difficult for me and I decided since we were going to be with family to bring his cap and gown,” she wrote.

She went on to share that while her son was wearing his cap and gown on the flight, she was stunned by the fact that Frontier had then organized a ceremony.

“The day we traveled before boarding the plane I put it on him only expecting a photo with the pilots but the staff at Frontier Airlines went above and beyond,” the parent added. “This was unforgettable and I am immensely grateful to all those aboard the plane and the staff.”

The Independent has contacted Jay and Frontier Airlines for comment.