Kinder Surprise discovery blows minds: 'I wasn't ready for this'

Aussies have been stunned by a revelation about the chocolate treat.

When an Australian mums' Facebook group shared a meme about children's treat Kinder Surprise, they really hit a chord with followers.

"Well will you look at that!" Mum Central posted alongside an image showing an open Kinder Surprise beside a cracked egg, under the caption, "I was today years old when I realised..."

The pic, liked by over 12,000 shocked group members, refers to the reason the plastic pods inside Kinder Surprises are normally yellow: they're meant to look like the yolk when you crack open an egg.

Kinder Surprise meme
Mum Central blew minds by sharing this Kinder Surprise meme posted by The Comic's Lounge Comedy Club in Melbourne. Photo: Facebook

It didn't take long for people to admit they hadn't made the connection before. "Took me a couple of seconds to actually get it, LOL. Have been a fan of Kinder for years and never actually realised this until now," one lady revealed.

"Never noticed this before," another admitted.

"My mind has been blown!" someone else commented, while another wrote: "I wasn't ready for this".

Many others revealed their age when they came to the realisation.



Others said they already knew the chocolate treat was designed to look like an egg and its yolk. "I knew this since I was a kid LMAO. Is this really new news?" one mum commented.

"Surely people are not this stupid, like OMG I can't believe it, we've only been eating these since we were like five years old," another wrote. However, one of the latter woman's friends replied that she'd been unaware of the correlation. "I didn't think of it - I just thought it was a little toy in a little box," the friend explained.

The Kinder Surprise egg was created especially for children in 1974 by Michele Ferrero, of the Italian chocolate maker Ferrero, and William Salice. Michele wanted to create something that could be given to kids that contained a surprise. "Inspired by the Italian tradition of Easter egg hunts, these moments of excitement and surprise are magical for kids while speaking to the inner child in adults," reads the Kinder website.

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