What Kind Of Chicken Wings Does Aldi Carry?

Chicken wings with dip
Chicken wings with dip - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Given that it almost exclusively sells products under its own store brand, Aldi doesn't have the most extensive selection of meat products. But while its meat department isn't quite as big as that of other grocery stores, you should still be able to find what you're looking for if chicken wings are on your shopping list. Aldi sells both raw chicken wings and precooked seasoned options that you can reheat from frozen.

The majority of Aldi's chicken wing products are sold under its private label, Kirkwood. However, the retailer also carries Perdue chicken wings. Aldi explained on its website that it will often sell items from well-known brands based on consumer demand, and that seems to have been the case with Perdue chicken wings.

The Perdue and Kirkwood brand chicken wings are fairly comparable. Both are sold in packs of about 4 pounds, and the meat is free from antibiotics. The Kirkwood wings are also advertised as being free of added hormones and artificial flavors. As for the precooked frozen chicken wings, all are sold under the Kirkwood label, and come in three different flavors. Honey Barbecue and Nashville Hot come in 22-ounce bags, while the original Buffalo wings are 64 ounces.

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What Shoppers Say About Aldi Chicken Wings

raw chicken wings in unwrapped container
raw chicken wings in unwrapped container - Hapabapa/Getty Images

Many people, including those on Reddit, have positive things to say about buying Aldi's meats in general, but it's often limited to the prices. One of the main reasons why Aldi is able to sell meat for lower prices compared to other grocery stores is that it's all locally sourced. Interestingly enough, on the Aldi website, the Perdue chicken wings are priced at a slightly lower price per pound than the Kirkwood ones. However, it's worth noting that prices tend to fluctuate from store to store and during Aldi's weekly meat deals.

When it comes to quality, the Kirkwood brand chicken wings don't have the best reviews. Customers, including some on X (formerly known as Twitter), have complained about how small they are, and have also noticed that the feathers aren't always well plucked out. The good news is that if you wind up not liking Aldi's chicken wings, they are covered by the store's Twice as Nice policy, which entitles you to a replacement and refund if you aren't satisfied with the quality of them.

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